Video of latest xbmc code on Raspberry Pi
(2013-10-02, 06:37)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-10-02, 06:27)raspberry_pd Wrote: Thanks MilhouseVH. Perhaps the key issue for me is that my original artwork is not "local" or I am not sure what that means. Are you referring to artwork obtained independantly of XBMC's scraping and web service functionality, and manually moved into corresponding folders yourself, which now that I think about, XBMC can use?
"local" artwork is artwork that is stored on your NAS (or your HDD), alongside your movies. Local artwork will have fileanems ending in -poster.jpg, -fanart.jpg etc.

If you don't have artwork stored alongside your movies, XBMC will go out to internet web sites and download artwork files, storing these files only in the userdata folder (in the texture cache).

So in theory I could save the TVDB and TMDB a lot of trouble, and perhaps even speed up my library scanning a little, by storing local versions of meta images on my NAS? Cool. Hmmm, wonder if your texturecache script can convert from the cached filenames to real filenames and copy them from cache to my NAS? Smile I suspect it can, time to read the full documentation Smile

(2013-10-02, 06:27)raspberry_pd Wrote:
(2013-10-02, 06:37)MilhouseVH Wrote: Perhaps this is why running your texturecache script didn't seem to do anything in the context of my setup.
Depends what you were trying to do!

I was trying to do what popcornmix suggested earlier in this thread here might help speed things up. I lurv speed Smile However it sounds like I was fishing without bait and I can't interpret these results anyway Smile

Here's my results:



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