Video of latest xbmc code on Raspberry Pi
(2013-10-08, 22:44)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-10-01, 19:59)MilhouseVH Wrote: With these latest patches, I still get the occasional timeout when browsing fairly rapidly through 600+ Movies with Fanart view:

I think I've fixed some causes for this timeout. Can you test latest newclock3 code?

I think you have too! Smile

I went back to NFS* to test this build (assuming this is the "slowest" configuration and thus most likely to induce timeouts), using 1080 fanartres and 720 imageres with a 256MB/256MB GPU split.

I re-cached 638 movie fanart and 638 poster images and not a single error (other than the expected non-YUV complaint for Spider Man 3 fanart). Using just two threads, the average time to cache each fanart image is 1.33 seconds and 1.28 seconds for posters.

While browsing steadily but at a brisk pace through the Movies library in Fanart view (Amber skin), there were no timeouts or other errors/warnings, a totally silent log! Smile

Many thanks.

* I've now switched to USB3.0 (specifically, this of the 32GB variety formatted with ext4, 25MB/s read and 13MB/s write) but I don't really see a noticeable performance improvement compared with NFS while navigating through the library, but I'm guessing this could be because I'm using 1080 fanart/720 posters, and that any improved IO performance is largely negated by the additional time required to decode the larger artwork. I'm not complaining though, as even over NFS the performance is more than acceptable, I just wanted to mention that depending on your configuration (ie. with high res fanart) USB may lose some of it's speed advantage in the UI.

For comparison, I also re-cached the movie fanart and posters while using USB for /storage and this is faster than NFS: fanart averaged 1.91/second, and posters 1.96/second.
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