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Linux Radeon OSS with vdpau (howto)
The last setting is already mentioned on the wiki. Btw. did you see some less "klicks" when starting passthrough with PA starting approximately today?
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Wiki.. Thx. I just found this issue, never saw that on several installs with other apus. Pure alsa was fine. I don't pass thru on my aq01- straight to LCD via HDMI. I think there were some clicks on ac3 24p that I don't notice now. It seems.. Better, maybe.. Now i am really starting to like the aq01.
We would still need limited color range support. And perhaps christian can improve the 4K patches I sent him long ago as proof of concept.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
The color support would help for sure. I can't get it calibrated 100% whites -> blacks.. It is still quite good though (others in the house cannot see it). Fglrx and gt610 both did well with this guide
What is amazing is the little aq01 does 1080i skip free with temporal deinterlacing. And 24p frame rates are VERY good and judder free.
Problem with that guide is, that when you have a limited Mode TV - you don't have a chance to get the full range (which radeon oss does non changeable) might fit in any way.

Edit: Yeah, you can use the Limited Range setting in xbmc, but some TVs auto clamp if they get full range signalled. My AVR NR1402 does that - which really sucks.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
I tried it both ways. It pulls it either too dark or too light. Only slightly. Now this is me being too picky.

I am afraid of avr filters.. Wink
First of all, thank you very much for all the work laid down into this project!

Secondly, my experiences:
My goal was to go from the xvba-solution on my Fusion E350 to the vdpau. At first I tried to do that without re-installing ubuntu, but that failed. And in doing so I screwed up the fully working setup I had, but it worked good enough for my kids, luckily enough. So I decided to follow the How-to and do the re-installation and it was a very good how-to! (Even though the mini-installation took me four hours, but that was because, as we say in Sweden, SBS (skit bakom spakarna), so no shadow on the how-to!)

After checking that everything worked fine, I wanted to install unity, i.e. ubuntu-desktop. In doing so, I was aware that it would install pulse-audio as well. So the HD-audio was screwed up, but then i found a guide that said that all one has to do is to remove pulse-audio and even though the (meta-)package ubuntu-desktop is removed, unity is still available. So removing pulse-audio, and prior to that setting upp lightdm as you worked out earlier.

I wanted to mention this in the thread if any other user want to have install a desktop environment without losing HD-audio.

So now I am very satisfied with my system and I look forward to loose another night's sleep when vdpau gets obsolete, hopefully years from now...

All the best to all of you!

If you followed that howto, you added /etc/init/xbmc.conf that one will highly interfer with the lightdm you installed, so remove it.

Btw. When you do it that way, you can just install a fullblown Ubuntu Desktop, remove pulseaudio and make sure that you don't start compiz for your xbmc session - perhaps the easier way.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
As I had read most of the thread in advance, I never created the file, but thank you anyhow.

And regarding mini vs full Ubuntu I do find it appealing with a very basic system to start with and add what is needed if you need it, so I am happy. But good to know you can start from a full installation.

(2014-05-11, 17:44)dupt Wrote:
(2014-05-11, 14:36)miraclemaker Wrote: That's fixed it fritsch! Many thanks for your patience and expert assistance as always.

So Does VDPAU have issues with mpeg 4 or is it just something peculiar to my setup?
You can suscribe to this bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71812


Could you say - which branch of FernetMenta github I need to compile manually for having Gotham with his patches? I tried master, but it's 14.0ALPHA1 and it has not supported PVR Addons.

Thanks for reply!
Arch Linux x86_64 (kernel 3.13.0-rc7), AMD Fusion E-350 (Zacate), 2Gb RAM, AMD HD6310, LCD TV Panasonic LR37U20, XBMC Gotham 13 Alpha + PVR Addons Git, IPTVSimple 1.8.1, IPTV (SD+HD).
PVR Addons work fine, there was no ABI bump since than.

You can if you want (though) use his G-Linux Branch, which is nearer to Gotham, but also has the 14 version tagged. But as said above - that does not make a difference.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Before upgrading i had black bars under and over the image, but it is gone, can i somehow activate it to get the right resolution of videos again?
HTPC: Intel Nuc i3 8109u | 8Gb Ram | Windows 10 Pro
Hai, want to mention also, did the new xmbc after trying to upgrade from gothem beta. which also failed.
then i installed ubuntu and followed the howto here. ( which works ok.. besides that )

In my case ( which took 3 installs )..
At first i ended up with a ( looking good ) running xbmc. but as soon as i navigated, cpu went to 80-100%.
this happend 3 times, in the end it was the mesa, i check all the mesa files with apt-cache policy and noticed
some of the mesa packages where not updated.
After upgrading these packages it rocks again.

Thank for this release.
Is it keeping in gothem now, or still moving up with versions and development or is that an other ppa.

P.S. this was with the mini server install iso
Hey. First of all I want to thank all of you for your help. This thread helped me out many times already. Today I have a few issued I cant solve myself.

About a week ago I wanted to do a full new installation of Ubuntu 14.04 since my old 13.10 didnt work very well.
The XBMC-session is started via lightdm autologin, compiz is not running with xbmc, the /etc/init/xbmc.conf file was not created, puleaudio was purged, I modified /etc/default/grub to "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.audio=1 radeon.dpm=1 radeon.hw_i2c=1"" and I disabled backing store in /usr/share/xsessions/XBMC.desktop "Exec=xbmc-standalone -- -bs"

Here are my issues ordered by priority Wink Im fighting with them for about a week now and have tried countless how-tos which broke my system completely a dozen times so it would be nice if we could get it to work without a new installation...
With my old Ubuntu 13.10 and your how-to i had none of these problems.


720p videos work fantastic, even with DTS.
In 1080p videos begin to stutter and in some scenes the framerate drops to around 12 FPS. Audio plays fine, CPU usage is around 5-20%.
Non-HD videos have green and black artefacts.
[EDIT] sometimes the 5.1 center line is missing/not playing


After video playback in the XBMC menu the CPU goes up to 100% all the time, before playback it is around 30%.
[EDIT] seems to be some addon loading stuff, it has fixed itself.


I dont get sound over HDMI, I have to use SPDIF to get any sound. It is okay for now but it would be nice to have everything to work over HMDI.


Some issues with PVR stopping playback and now running stable, but this does not belong here I guess so I wont get deeper into this.


HTPC % dmesg | pastebinit

HTPC % cat ~/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log | pastebinit

HTPC % cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit

HTPC % DISPLAY=:0 vdpauinfo | pastebinit

HTPC % dpkg -l |grep mesa | pastebinit
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