How to repopulate a hard drive with all of your missing movies w/ XBMC's DB.
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In Windows, how to repopulate a hard drive with all of your missing movies from a particular hard drive (assuming you have multiple) by pulling a list of all of your movies directly from the XBMC database using the SQL Lite Browser to grab all of the movies you have currently listed in XBMC (including the missing hard drive!) , using Open Office to build a list of url's, and then using James Marshall's test bed to generate a web page to run CouchPotato's bookmarklet to semi-automatically rebuild your movie collection.

This method takes a little bit of prep, but lets you decide what kind of quality of movie you want - and if you even want that movie again.

What's more important, you don't have to mess with formatting/ renaming etc. Just a little quick prep work, and then off to the races.

Prep Google Chrome
In google chrome, open the url to your couchpotato and go to the automation page screen. Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar -shown by the big red arrows below.


Exporting your movie list from XBMC:
Download and install SQL Lite Browser: which is discussed here:

Extract the files to a folder you make somewhere on your C: drive. Then open sqllitebrowser up, and then select your video database. In Frodo and in Windows:

replace buddy above with your username.

Go to File, Export, Table as CSV. Table name is movies. Save it to your desktop as movies.csv.

Import into Open Office - goal is to get your data.
Open the .csv file in Open Office, and you'll have all of your movies listed. It may prompt you to select the format - make sure you have comma as a delimiter selected.

The far left column will be the title of the movie. Column 22 will the path of the movies.

You may have to order based on the path name to get a good selectable range of cells. Basically, you just want all of your files from that particular hard drive, right?

Copy that selection and paste it into a new fresh spreadsheet.

Manipulation of Data in Open Office - goal is to get a bunch of links to the IMDB Pages.
Right-click on column L - this is the column directly to the left of the IMDB tt number...for example..( tt1611224. You will get a context menu - click on Insert column.

In the first row of that empty inserted column, you will put
<a href="
. Then, hover your mouse just over the lower right border of that cell. It will turn in a bolded cross (or plus sign). Click and draw all the way down the column to the bottom of your desired column. The italicized section is called "the hover and copy" procedure here on out.

Right-click on the column next to your column of <a href =". Insert column. Paste this into the cell:
Hover and copy.

Column N should be your tt Numbers. Right click and insert a column to the right. Insert
into the cell. Hover and copy.

Right click and insert a column to the right of your "> column. Type
into that cell. Hover and copy.

Right click and insert a column to the right of your </a> column. Click on the formula bar, and type in this:
. Hover and copy. This will concatenate your columns together. The result is going to be this:
[b]<a href="">  Into the Abyss</a>[/b]


Copy this last column and go to a url generating page like:

Between the body statements, paste your list of URLs. Click Display.


This will generate a page like this:


Now, you can click on the movie, which will open in IMDB. Then, you can click on your CouchPotato bookmark, and select your quality...and it will get added.

You can see the CouchPotato bookmarklet by the left red arrow - when it works, you'll see the pop-up on the lower right in the second red arrow:


Click back to go back to your list of movies - and you'll see the one that you just did will now be a different color than the rest - so easy to keep track.

BTW, couch potato is working on a way to download a list of movies:

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Got another tip - I've been using just usenet groups, but getting a lot of server retention issues with my downloads. Make sure that you're searching both torrents and usenet when rebuilding your library...selecting torrents first in CouchPotatoes settings.

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How to repopulate a hard drive with all of your missing movies w/ XBMC's DB.0
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