Windows - New XBMC client?

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Rapid1898 Offline
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i have allready running one XBMC client under Win7 and one under Openelec on a raspberry with a centrale MySQL-database on a synology-nas -
now i want to add a further XBMC client under Win7 on a laptop

Which files from my current XBMC-installation i should copy?

It´s clear for me to copy the advancedsettings.xml.
Should i copy more files (eg. source.xml) or is this not necessary?
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nokdim Offline
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sources.xml is not necessary unless you want your file view to be in sync between the systems.
if all you want is your library to be in sync advancedsettings.xml is all you should need.

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bossanova808 Offline
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I'm not sure but I think the above advice is wrong. The sources need to be the same on each system (same paths) - or the mysql syncing won't work. Otherwise you can use pathsubstitution but if all the clients are the smae or at least using the same mounting (e.g.) NFS, it's easiest to just sync your sources.xml across installs.

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Ned Scott Offline
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You technically only need the advancedsettings.xml file.

However, I would include the initial sources.xml file (they can be changed later on, if one wishes), due to a possible bug where "clean library" from a "client" that doesn't have sources.xml might wipe out the library.

If you have SMB shares with passwords then you might also need passwords.xml
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