RetroPlayer and Rom Collection Browser
(2014-02-12, 01:36)Tomkun Wrote: Hi Malte,

I also cannot get RCB to autodetect Retroplayer.

I am using RCB 2.0.11 and Garbear's latest Alpha 12 Windows build.

Actually, you can scrap that Malte, I have it working now.

[Edit 2]
On further investigation, I've discovered that in fact it's on a case-by-case basis. Sega Mega Drive and SNES work for example, but Sega CD won't. I'm guessing there is a list somewhere in the code which lists which systems are compatible and just needs updating?

How did you get it working? I go to Launch Games and the option to use Retroplayer is not there. I'm using the RetroPlayer 2013-09-13-3ac8fbb build. Sorry I'm not sure if that is the correct info needed. I tried the build based on Gotham for windows but it still doesn't detect it. Sad
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