Where did my movie covers go?
My laptop died so I got a new one and I have everything back up and running. I installed ember r15 and most of my movies are missing the covers. Any ideas why I thought ember saves them in the same folder as movies and my movies are on a 4 bay mediasonic external enclosure.

H is my movie drive and each movie has it own folder.
Check the selected checkboxes that decide which filename the posterfile should have.
I could be that your old ember installations had the settings different to the new one. So if the old installation stored the poster for example as "poster.jpg", but the new installation is configured to store posters as "<moviename>-poster.jpg" then it doesn't find the old poster.jpg files and thinks the movie has no poster set.

These settings not only decide which name the files get when ember stores them, they decide for which files ember looks when it reads already stored files, too.

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Where did my movie covers go?0
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