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Vonage Script

can someone help me update it to work with the latest builds? this would be wonderful to be able to integrate vonage dash+xbmc.

this works, but the wav file that xbmc plays sounds horrible in comparison to the wav file found in the vonage dashboard. there is a lot of noise introduced somewhere, does anyone know how to fix this?

i am having the same problem. the script works but the wav file has a lot of noise/distortion in it. i copied the file from my xbox to my harddrive and it sounds fine (the level is low but it is clear). does anyone know if there is a better way to play it in the script. the current command is


i am thinking that the low volume level of the file is causing the player to boost it and adding distortion.
thanks for your reply. this is a great script/idea, im sure there is a way to solve this since the wav file itself seems fine here too.

from the author:
Quote:i believe i download the wav file to a temp directory then just play it using the play function. i don't modify or do anything to the wav file myself. you can try ftp'ing to the temp directory, download the wav file and see if its damaged. if not is something with the xbmc playing the file.

if anyone does decide to pick up this script and run with it, id love to see:

intergrated properly with pmiii
ability to view caller id lists
ability to delete the voicemails.
i checked the propreties of the wav file and found it has a sample rate of 8khz. i read in one of the forums that the xbox audio only plays 44khz (i think that is what i read). does anyone know if this is correct and if so is the file being resampled to play? could this be causing the distortion and does anyone have any ideas to correct it?
for the sake of more info:


if someone could confirm the 8 vs 44 theory we would at least know why its so garbled.

you can probably upsample it to 44khz, it should sound the same but play properly.
thanks for that.
any idea how to accomplish that in the script?
hi !
i don't know your voicemail (i'm french) but i used something to translate .au files into .wav files...
.au files are u-law files... that is why i'm surprise to see your wave file (.wav extension) with caracteristics of a u-law file (with .au extension)
xbmc just can't play u-law files so i had to convert au -> wav...
but the lib wave or something like this was not working on xbmc... so someone wrote me the lib....

i found a py script to change gain but i did not tryed it yet
just tell me if you need pieces of my code

se ya
if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to clearly play the wav file, i would be willing to try it.

thanks in advance.
(mike6580 @ jan. 26 2006,13:33 Wrote:i read in one of the forums that the xbox audio only plays 44khz (i think that is what i read). does anyone know if this is correct and if so is the file being resampled to play?
it's 48khz actually, but mplayer (or maybe it's the xbox apu) should upsample everything to that before outputing it.

try download the file and try copy to xbox and play it with both mplayer and the dvdplayer to see if the same thing happens.

(mike6580 @ jan. 26 2006,13:33 Wrote:could this be causing the distortion?
yes, playing a x khz file at x khz will cause symptoms like this, it needs to be resampled to 48khz

(mike6580 @ jan. 26 2006,13:33 Wrote:does anyone have any ideas to correct it?
unfortunatly i'm not a programmer/developer so i no clue how, ...but i thought that mplayer (and the dvdplayer) in xbmc already sorted out the resampling (or maybe it's the xbox apu?)?
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there is a pc app that can do all that we would want thru the dash, see this for any possible ideas:
vm rover
here is a perl script that maybe someone can convert to python? it converts the voicemail wav files to mp3.


Vonage Script00