Bug Video Stutter on StepForward since Gotham Alpha 7
Since Alpha 7 i get couple of seconds of video stutter after every StepForward or StepBack since Gotham Alpha 7.

The bug is known in the Plex forums (Plex Pass membership is needed to view the thread).

Also here startet by RipT in Mac OS X section.

According to various posts in the Plex thread it seems not to be a Mac-only related problem, so it'll be nice if someone could confirm that.

I've attached two logs:

* Gotham Alpha 5
everything fine, no stutter/buffering on StepForward/Backward

* Gotham Alpha 8
stutter/buffering on every StepForward/Backward

It should have something to do with this errors introduced with Alpha 7:

17:27:47 T:4764938240   ERROR: CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer - timeout adding data to renderer

Log Alpha 6
Log Alpha 8

Someone please take a look. Thanks!
No one else experiencing this?
I've found the opposite since the VDPAU re-work in Alpha7/8: skipping forward & back as well as pausing all work perfectly (while previously there was synch problems and video 'pausing'/'speedup'). I do notice on interlaced content when skipping that a frame of video prior to the skip gets injected after the skip is done (I suspect an artifact of de-interlacing & looking at previous frames).

This is on nvidia hardware under Ubuntu, though so YMMV.
This may not match your problem exactly, but I’ll past it anywayz.

I used to have these two problems.

1: Random audio/video stutter when watching a Blu-ray ISO, accompanied by a loud noise (bzzz-bzz-bzzz) that lasted 2-3 seconds and recurred frequently. How frequently, depends on the computers energy saving settings.

I solved it by turning of the timer that saves energy by stopping the hard drives from spinning. Apparently the stutter came from some type of electricity surge when the hard drives began to spin again. This probably happened after XBMC came to the end of the stored data in the RAM and needed to retrieve more data from the hard drive(?).

If you have Windows you should go to Start menu => Control panel => Hardware and Sound => Power Options => click on "Change plan settings" => click on "Change advanced power settings" => click on "Hard disk" => click on "Turn of hard disk after" => set it to "Never" => click "OK" at the bottom.

2: Buffering issues when watching a Blu-ray ISO from two of my hard drives, but not from my other hard drives. Eventually I realized that the buffering was due to the fact that these two hard drives where connected to a 4x PCI-E card http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/U3S6 that had two SATA 3 ports.

This card was supposed to speed things up, instead it did the opposite. I don't know why, but it was the cause of the buffering problem. I connected the hard drives to SATA 2.0 ports on the main motherboard and the buffering problem stopped.

This won't solve everyone's problems, but could be helpful in specific circumstances. I have reposted in different threads incase it could be useful to someone.

(W7, AMD Radeon HD 6450, Xonar Essence ST, Onkyo receiver, Sony projector, Eden and Transparency! 4.x)

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Video Stutter on StepForward since Gotham Alpha 70
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