Uninstalling Metropolis
Hi -- how do I uninstall Metropolis. I've found where I can do this, but the options are disabled. I'm on a OSX operating system. I've done a search on the forum and don't see anything about uninstalling or disabling this particular skin. Thanks.
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So you are unable to do the following? SETTINGS > Appearance > Skin > click right-arrow to go to the Skin field > select Confluence (or another installed skin)
Thank you!

I can go to settings > appearance > skin and I can see that metropolis is set, but I can only change options for this skin. I'm not able to uninstall or disable from this menu. I've found a place where I can see the options to disable or uninstall, but they are not active and I'm unable to click these options.
What happens when you click on the word "Metropolis" in the skin name field?
You need to switch to another skin (i.e. Confluence), than you can uninstall Metro from Addon section.
Thank you! That worked. I switched back to confluence.
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