Solved ZSNES no sound when launched via XBMC/RCB
Hi everybody,

I'd like to quickly describe the way to solve the issue I was having. I hope it will help somebody in the future.

My problem was a lack of sound output for zsnes. This is a problem that has been desribed over and over again, and I also used some of the posts in this forum to get it working, but couldn't find the last missing piece.
Anyhow, the symptomps where the following:

1. ZSNES was launched properly via RCB, but had no sound
2. ZSNES was launching correctly via command line, with sound (after the correct .asoundrc file was provided in the xbmc users' home directory)
3. The xbmc debug log showed that an underrun was occuring:

18:51:42 T:3005475648   ERROR: CAESinkALSA::HandleError(snd_pcm_writei(1)) - underrun

Zsnes was launched via a custom script:


# stop xbmc
killall -STOP xbmc.bin

# run ZSNES
zsnes -s -ad sdl -r 6 -k 100 -v 22 -m "$1"

# continue with xbmc
killall -CONT xbmc.bin

My setup consists of:

  1. XBMC 12.2 on Ubuntu 13.4
  2. Kernel 3.8.0-32-generic
  3. Hardware is a netbook with Atom processor and Nvidia ION with HDMI
  4. Display is TV hooked up via HDMI

The solution was to to check my TV's manual and look for the supported audio codecs. Once I disabled all of them (keeping only Dolby Digital), sound started working out of the box.

Hope I can help somebody - it took me the better part of a week to figure out and was driving me crazy.



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ZSNES no sound when launched via XBMC/RCB0
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