Req Support for reading actual stereoscopic 3D mode of GUI for add-ons
stereoscopic support in XBMC GUI is great! But without switching display device into 3D mode is not complete. I already read about work in this area that was done and is planned to be done (frame packing/special resolution/...). Therefore I think there wont be any universal solution for this soon (ever?). Until that maybe another approach can take place:

Many devices supports another way to switch 3D mode on and off (over remote control/web interface/upnp/etc...), so "simple" service addon can handle it. (one addon for one type of display device)

But there is main requirement missing in add-on (python) API: get_actual_stereoscopic_mode_of_gui()

My idea is:
1a) service addon polls for actual stereoscopic mode of gui (for example: xbmcgui.getSterescopicMode())
1b) service addon is listening for stereoscopic mode on-change event (something like xbmc.Player.onPlayBackStarted(), for example xbmc.Monitor.onSterescopicModeChange())
2) when gui enters stereoscopic mode, addon will switch display device into appropriate 3D mode.
3) when gui returns to basic 2D mode, addon will turn of 3D mode in display device.

Is it possible to provide (at least) one of 1a) or 1b) methods? Or is there any other way already existing?

Thank you for any suggestions!
1a) xbmc.getInfoLabel('VideoPlayer.StereoscopicMode')
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also see which got merged just recently
Thank you for pointing me right way! 'VideoPlayer.StereoscopicMode' returns detected 3D format of actual played file, but I looked into confluence skin and find 'System.StereoscopicMode' which holds exatly what i needed.

Can you please tell me if enum RENDER_STEREO_MODE is also accessible from python code, or should i define it by my self and hold it synced with RenderSystem.h?
No, don't use the enums. Grab the stereomode via JsonRPC. There the enums are converted to string representations and those strings won't change, the enums could.
OK, I understand. Can you please be more specific how to obtain System.StereoscopicMode using JsonRPC? I already looked for usable methods, but can't find any in documentation (wiki page) and in source files. (json request code is working fine, I don't know which method and params to use for my request).

Thank You!
see the commit I linked above. something like "GUI.getProperty" and choose "stereoscopicmode". Documentation for it in wiki is missing ATM, but it's in the json schema returned by XBMC. Same with GUI.GetStereoscopicModes and GUI.SetStereoscopicMode
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Support for reading actual stereoscopic 3D mode of GUI for add-ons00