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I currently run xbmc on an intel atom based machine (32 bit) running ubuntu 13.10, which is fine for every day use but compiling builds takes me over an hour because of the weak cpu. I have a 12 core server running debian squeeze 64 bit that can compile xbmc in about a minute or less. The question is how do I use the 64 bit debian machine to compile xbmc for a 32 bit ubuntu machine? I have tried...
./configure --host=??

Not sure what to put for the host exactly. Am I way off track here? I have no experience crosscompiling but only native compiling, but I would like to leverage my more powerful machine to compile for my set top box. As I mentioned, they both run Linux but different distros and one is 32 and other is 64. Any help would be appreciated.
its probably easier to use the debian packaging script I added. Read tools/Linux/packaging/README.debian

set ARCHS="i386"
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