Release America's Test Kitchen
Version 0.0.6
fix login issues

Version 0.0.4
fix website changes
added initial subscription support
added Cooks Illustrated videos
bump python api for Gotham

About a year or so ago America's Test Kitchen and it's sister sites changed to require a subscription for most of their content. Generally only the current season of shows are available without a subscription. Two week free trials are available from and if you are so inclined.

Download and install from zip >

The code is on GitHub if anyone is interested >

Please report any issues here.
I don't use the pluging but thanks for the great work divingmule ,and happy to see you back :-)
XBMC Fever..
Brilliant - Only just noticed that the old one had stopped working (was working a week or so ago) and you already fixed and improved it!

Oops - so it plays the freely available content great, but the content which needs a subscription fails (even after I enter my details for a valid subscription).

I've so far only tested on my ATV2 - will try to test on the PC this weekend.

At one point it mentioned checking the logs - I will try to find them too!
Hi boringgit,

Please use or similar for log files. If you could edit your post.

It seems something isn't working with your login. Can you check the cookie file and see if there are any cookies saved?

I guess for ios, you find it here - /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/userdata/addon_data/

If so, delete the cookie_file, retry, pastebin a new log and post the link to the pastebin.

Thanks for helping debug!
Oops - looks like my rather large quote wasn't appreciated - sorry about that - It was a bit too big I confess!

So, I also installed on the Windows XBMC just so I wouldn't waste your time if it was just a problem on my ATV2 XBMC, unfortunately I get the same results.

The cookie_file is also identical on both platforms, but only contains "#LWP-Cookies-2.0"

Thank you for all your hard work Smile
Something which I would ask, but just checked - yes, my credentials work just fine when I log onto the sites on my browser Smile
Hi boringgit, could you help test 0.0.5. I did find a bug if you had "Multi" set as subscription type.

Download and install from zip -
Hey - cheers!

So it seems to be working perfectly on the Americas Test Kitchen side, but the Cooks Country dont seem to work. The on screen message is "did not find video id"

Will check on the Windows box later just in case.

forgot to say - the log is still empty
Please test 0.0.6 >

You may need to reset the subscription setting, as I've changed the setting type to enable/disable.
Hey - Seems to be working perfectlySmile

I've only checked the 3 different series - will check the subcategories tomorrow, but seems like you cracked it!

Thanks so much for your efforts - I'm embarrassed to admit that I am quite an addict!

I can't imagine that you contribute code to the public in the expectation of any rewards, and I'm afraid I'm not in a position to change that - but if you need any beta testing etc seriously do send me a pm - I think you wrote the twit plugin which I also use, so I can certainly afford to donate you a few hours of my time if its of any assistance Smile
Good to hear. Thanks for helping, reporting bugs and following up. It gives me motivation. :-)
Just in case anybody else runs on an Apple TV 2 and finds that the most recent episodes of Cooks Country crash XBMC, just turn down the quality in the plug in options It looks like the latest episodes are available in a higher resolution / bitrate than the device is able to support. I have gone to medium which plays perfectly and on my smaller LCD TV I couldnt see the difference (apart from the fact that it isn't choppy then crashing Smile )
Thank you for a great addition of plugins. If you are using frodo (xbmc 12.3 or 12.2), you will get bs4 import error which can be fixed by extracting the beautifulsoup4 zip file from here:

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