Can a Virgin iPad3 access/stream movies from NAS?
Like the header says... we have a plain vanilla iPad3 32Gb wifi machine. What I was wondering was whether or not there was a simple App or way to stream m4v movies from my NAS using the iPad. Be better yet if I could restrict access for my grandkids to certain genres of movies. I see there are movie player Apps in the App Store (Free/Fee) but before I try/buy anything I figured it would be best to ask here. I know some people here are doing it, but they are probably running a jailbroken iPad. Since the iPad is under warranty, I don't want to risk anything. Would love to find an App that works like XBMC in presenting the media listing.

Someone else might know of some but as far as I know there isn't anything like xbmc in terms of media listing (media centre if you will) on the App Store.

Closest thing to it is infuse app but it cannot stream from a NAS (yet) and lacks any sort of customisation you may want (I.e restriction for kids).

There are many great video players in the App Store that can play video fine but will not have any 'pretty UIs' - you just get folder (text) listings and any restrictions will probably have to be done on the NAS itself, again maybe someone will know of an app that provides this but I don't know of any.

If you have an ios version that can be jailbroken I'm not sure why you are worried about warrenty? Isn't the worse thing to happen a restore to the latest un-jailbreakable (atm) ios version.

that should play most formats, as far as filtering I am not sure.
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(2013-11-14, 00:52)Steini Wrote: Plex

Ah yeah Plex.

I never consider that as an option as I hate the idea of needing a pc on and wasting processor power on it. But yeah...thats definitely an option for what the OP wants.
It doesn't give a lot of library-like options, but nPlayer has been a great video player for me for non-jailbroken iDevices.
Old thread, but...

Infuse might also work.

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Can a Virgin iPad3 access/stream movies from NAS?0
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