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automated shoutcast recording
recording streaming audio works great, but can a start/stop timer be added? i like to record shows to listen to them later.
was thinking of something similar myself...a "tivo-esque" type of functionality would be nice. what i mean is many of the shoutcast streams these days give info about what song is about to play, perhaps there might be a way to start caching a song when it starts playing so if you press the record button in the middle of a song it would go back to the beginning and record the entire song, then clear cache and start caching again for the next song. just an idea...
los93sol, that doesn't sound like a lot of work or anything...
btw that was sarcasm. you're crazy.
being able to simply do an automated record from xxxx time to xxxx time should be do-able via python, right? since all that is doing is a very basic automation of features already in XBMC?
I know nothing about python or xbmc programming. Just hoping someone would provide a solution.Sad
Oh...does anyone have a copy of the script that is mentioned in the Alarm-Clock thread? The link is broken. I might be able to tinker with that to make what I want.

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