Web interface with upload feature?
Hi there !

I'm looking for a Web interface that include an upload feature. I'd like to add some of my own videos to my XBMC HTPC without using FTP/SAMBA, etc... everything through a web interface.

Does anyone has done this?

Thank you !
Any news on that?

Thank you
Why would you ever want to upload something that big over http ? Huh
I'm actually looking to do a simple video kiosk that will let anyone with granted access add a video to the queue.
So, sometimes they might have a video they just want to upload it to play it, over the local network for example.

Didn't really find how to do that.
I checked the rules about reviving the dead and apparently it's not banned here, plus if this were github, I'd be told not to create a dupe, so here we are: another user (me) would like to request this feature too.

Usecase: Shared, home media server

It's COVID, we like music, don't want to support DRMed or lease services like Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify, etc. and get our music elsewhere (bandcamp, jamendo, soundcloud, etc.).
We would like to share that music easily, so instead of duplicating the the files on all our devices and having multiple backups per user on the shared nextcloud, the solution is one, shared server (dupes will exist on the devices, but shouldn't exist on the server).

I'm the tech savvy one in the house and setting it all up.

What we would like is for users to be able to upload music they find and simply share a link to it.

  •  UI should allow designating an upload destination. Possible options:
    • all media in one folder
    • different folder per type (music goes into /music, videos go into /videos, etc.)
    • Dynamic = use variables e.g "/media/mount/uploads/$type/$hash.$ending"
    • Script = a script gets the uploaded file and can do whatever it likes
  • Toggle feature for all or per user
I'm sure this could be implemented ad-hoc with a service or an addon, but it would be great to have it built into Kodi. Ampache has it, but Ampache's interface is not easy to use nor is it easy to configure.
+1 I got here googling for the same. I have local files from videos that friends have filmed (family videos, our band playing, etc), I have them on my laptop and would like to easily upload them to Kodi. scp/sftp does work, but a nice web interface in Chorus would be great.

Smile just realized I didn't look in the bug tracker for a feature request, maybe this will suffice?
The bug tracker is not for feature requests. The clue is in the name... Wink
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