[RELEASE] VEVO TV - Watch music videos 24/7
- All (shuffled): Added a pseudo random parameter, so that vevo always returns new random songs.

(2013-11-19, 15:29)schumi2004 Wrote: Works perfect so far, to bad Vevo is limited for my country (NL).
Yes, this limitation and geoblocking is really annoying.
Few months ago it wasn't available here for me in germany at all.

(2013-11-20, 13:59)fastcolors Wrote: Great work!

Only Issue I found is shuffle not shuffling Wink

custom mode > (genre) > All (shuffled)

always gives the same sequence of videos in the same order...
Shuffle should shuffle - You're right! Wink
The category "All (shuffled)" gets random videos from VEVO. For all other categories, my addon does the shuffling.
VEVO servers are caching the random search requests (for some time), so you get the same random videos like before.
I now added a pseudo random parameter to the search queries, so that you will always get new random videos...

(2013-11-20, 14:14)fastcolors Wrote: don't know if you're interested in converting strings.xml into strings.po for easier translation but just in case I did the english source...

HERE it is. Wink
Thanks. I was too lacy to read into this .po & Transifex stuff!
But maybe it's time to start using them instead of xml files.

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[RELEASE] VEVO TV - Watch music videos 24/70
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