Request -  Add "Add to Playlist" in Contextmenu for Music and Music Add-ons
Please. add "Add to Playlist" (m3u) in the Contextmenu for Music and Music Addons.

It would be much!! more conftable to got the Possibility to add a Music Track or a Radio/Music Stream directly to a Playlist (m3u)!

Can't you just Queue your songs and go to "Now Playing" to play them or save as a playlist? See here:
(2013-11-20, 02:48)artrafael Wrote: Can't you just Queue your songs and go to "Now Playing" to play them or save as a playlist? See here:

Sadly No!

"Queue Items" let me just Add a Song to a curently Playing Playlist (Party Mode?)
What about playing the playlist, queuing the new songs, going to "Now playing" and saving it under the existing playlist name?
Uhh, Sorry got a hard Time at the Moment to follow you (my Englisch isnt the best.)

What Do you mean by "going to "Now playing" "? What i can do is queuing the tracs i want to play next. and then?

EDIT: No doesnt Work! (Set my XBMC to Englisch now its Easyer!)
Editing and adding to saved playlists is indeed something that could be improved upon.

  1. VIDEOS > Library > Playlists
  2. Locate and highlight your existing playlist
  3. Press "P" to play your existing playlist. This adds all the songs from your playlist into the "Now playing" queue and begins playing the first song from the playlist.
  4. Navigate to the song you wish to append to the playlist and press "Q" to queue it. Repeat for any other songs you want to append to the playlist.
  5. Open context menu on the last song you added and select "Now playing". This displays your new queue, which consists of the original songs in the playlist, plus all the new songs you just appended to the queue.
  6. Open the slideout menu on the left and select "Save".
  7. Enter the same filename as the original playlist name and it will save this new playlist, replacing the old one of the same name.
Yeah, that's very clunky.
@ned Scott
Great to hear someone from the dev. Team Support my Feature Suggestion. (Or see at least the need for something like this.)
Hope this Feature gets a Go! (Would be Happy)

Would be gr8 to see this Feature in XBMC!!
Any News on this?

I use Playlist to organise my Webradio Stations, and it would be gr8 if i could just add a New Station to a Playlist without first have to open the Playlist, search for the Station again and so on...

Shure this Feature would be a big benefit for a lot of Peoples.
Yes please !! What kind of donation would it take to get this ?
just to get it on Focus again.
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I'll have to +1 on this. Having to go to the playlists, edit the playlist, browse for the artist, then select the album, then select the song, instead of just adding it while listening to it from the music library or simply browsing the library, is not intuitive at all and complicated.
Would love to see this feature too.
Reviving an old thread here out of necessity. Imagine this scenario:

With an item selected in the menus, open context menu, there could be an option to "Add to Playlist", which selected would bring up a list of your playlists, pick one, and it automatically appends the selection.

This would be tremendously powerful for building playlists. For example: When I find a youtube video to show a friend, I just add it, and keep going.

PLEASE, Kodi team, implement this! Or at least tell us how we can do it ourselves Smile
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