[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
- Fixed category "Viewing Activity" for multi-profile accounts

(2013-12-10, 03:43)jawilljr Wrote:
(2013-12-10, 00:32)AddonScriptorDE Wrote:
(2013-12-09, 20:47)jawilljr Wrote: I am using this User Agent, which is the recomended one from this FAQ. That FAQ is linked from here.

Below is the output from Pipelights Dignostic site.

Please use the RECOMMENDED User Agent.

As I said User Agent Switcher works if I close XBMC and manually Chrome browser. It does NOT work with your Addon.
Okay, so the User-Agent itself is not the problem. Chrome has problems to remember it.
Some tips / possible reasons for this behavior (i mentioned before):
- Have you tried this extension? It's simple to setup and working fine here for me.
- Are you using the "Use own user profile" setting in Chrome Launcher? Then, Chrome gets launched with complete new settings. So you need to setup the User-Agent for this profile, too.
- Have you tried disabling kiosk mode (NetfliXBMC -> Settings -> Advanced)? Then, Chrome gets started normally so you can setup everything.

#1: I would rather use the recommended User Agent Switcher,
From your linked post: "You can for example use the following ones..."
If you are not even trying my tips, i can't really help you. Sorry...

(2013-12-10, 03:43)jawilljr Wrote: #3: Neither setitng (whether Kisok mode is disabled or not) works
It must work this way! With disabled kiosk mode, Chrome gets normally started. You can then do everything:
Install/configure whatever extension you want to change the user-agent. Or change the user-agent in any other way. There are a lot.
Have you really tried to set it up with disabled kiosk mode?

It's working fine for me and multiple other users. So the problem can not be related to my addon...

(2013-12-10, 04:10)tymanthius Wrote: I have an issue, but I'm not sure if it's PleXBMC, Plex, or XBMC.

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04, PMS is on the same machine as XBMC.

I set XBMC to use user profiles, then created one for me, my wife, and my daughter. Set each one to use their own Plex account. But Plex doesn't seem to register watched status for anyone but me (mine is the main plex account for this PMS).

So they get no resume of stopped shows, and the unwatched list doesn't populate across to other clients.

I have auth on local networks set up.

Any ideas?
Sorry, i never used Plex/PleXBMC and don't really know anything about it.
I just tested different XBMC profiles connected to different Netflix profiles, and it's working fine.
"My List" is showing up and continuing shows is also working.

Only thing i noticed is that the category "Viewing Activity" was not working with multiple accounts. Fixed it.

(2013-12-10, 05:52)hauntvictim Wrote: Chrome isn't working for me on OSX but Safari is. Love the add-on going to play around with it tonight thanks man.
Mm, no message appears? Does starting Chrome via Chrome Launcher (standalone) work for you?
And you installed Chrome to the default "Applications" folder?

Just wondering because i would prefer using Chrome because of the kiosk (fullscreen) mode.
But nice it's working for you somehow...

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