[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2013-12-14, 07:52)jcass Wrote: I started having issues with loading of the SilverLight plug-in in Chrome over the last few days.

When Chrome opens it displays the 'Failed to load SilverLight plug-in' message. I found this in xbmc.log:

07:34:35 T:140735181511008 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.video.netflixbmc/?mode=playVideo&url=70187610
07:34:35 T:140735181511008 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.netflixbmc/?mode=playVideo&url=70187610) failed
07:34:35 T:4477947904 NOTICE: Thread XBPyThread start, auto delete: false
07:34:35 T:4477947904 NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
07:34:37 T:4532256768 NOTICE: Thread Background Loader start, auto delete: false

I've tried toggling kiosk mode as well as 'Use own user profile' in Chrome Launcher without success.

Everything works fine if I launch Chrome manually via OSX - so it appears to be related to NetfliXBMC or Chrome Launcher somehow.

Any ideas?

My fix to this (OSX Mavericks, Froto 12.2 and Chrome) was to initially load up Netflix with Chrome through OSX and log into Netflix and use as normal web browsing viewing. After I went to http://whatsmyuseragent.com and replaced the result in bold in the default.py file in the "useragent" line (located in /Users/(Your OSX User Folder)/Library/Application Support/XBMC/addons/plugins.videos.netflixbmc).

This loads up Chrome perfectly and starts playing the videos. This also works in Kiosk mode.

Just have to find a way to map my Apple remote for play, pause, seek and stop controls and this becomes the best Netflix plugin for XBMC out there!!

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