[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
- Added watched status for episodes
- Fixed adding "My List" to library
- Fixed categories "Genres" / "Just for Kids" for multi-profile accounts

Finally found some time for support. Angel
Please don't quote this whole thread... Wink

(2013-12-22, 04:48)gkryzano Wrote: I've been following the instructions from this page and http://lifehacker.com/netflixbmc-brings-...1484237283 ...

...however all the movie and television queues are blank. What am I doing wrong?
Hard to say! Still having the problem? What exactly have you done? Have you already tried something to fix it?

(2013-12-22, 07:53)Devo7v Wrote: The hotkeys work perfectly now as you described. You're amazing, thank you for responding so quickly. The only issue I'm having now is when I activate the option to move the cursor and open Netflix, XBMC crashes and the hotkeys don't work. It's strange because XBMC doesn't throw up any errors, it just closes and you can't tell until you try to use the hotkeys. I'm not at home right now so I won't be able to get you a log for a couple days. Sorry.
When using a correct custom position xbmc crashes? Strange. Because it dont really have anything to do with it...

(2013-12-22, 12:32)Jpt1982 Wrote: Looking forward to getting this running but having difficulties with the login, it keeps telling me I'm not logged on but I'm sure my credential are correct, any else having problems ?
Dont really have an idea. I would guess its because of wrong credentials. But when its really correct...

(2013-12-23, 00:08)BootsC5 Wrote: Getting an error when trying to add "My List":
Should be fixed with v1.2.3.

(2013-12-23, 00:08)BootsC5 Wrote: Also, what is the function/JSON call to make to initiate a import of "My List", so that I can add it to the cronjob plugin? Thanks.
(2014-01-01, 19:35)jcato Wrote: I'd also like to know how to automate this with cronjob or the scheduler add-on.

(2014-01-01, 19:35)jcato Wrote: And, is there anyway for it to remember the last view instead of always starting in Poster view?
Could be enabled/disabled via the addon settings.

(2013-12-23, 03:26)xxnumbxx Wrote: It appears that Genres and just for kids does not work ONLY when using the multi-profile option. If you delete your other profiles and select single user within the plugin they work fine. Other than that this is an awesome plugin, I can no eliminate about ten scripts i used to intergrate wmc netflix before. Thanks again.
Should be fixed with v1.2.3.

(2013-12-24, 05:17)StuartQF Wrote: For anyone running this on Linux and trying to make their remote control work with it, here's what I've done.
Thanks! Smile I'll link it in the first post.

(2013-12-24, 14:38)M1chael Wrote: First of all - great add-on! I have been searching for something to integrate Netflix with XBMC for a long time Smile

However I have a question regarding tv-shows.

First off all, I can't seem to browse the shows - when I try to "enter" a show it just starts playing the next episode.
(2013-12-31, 03:23)Jazz78 Wrote: I can't get selecting seasons to work, I can play next episode but not select what season I want.
Mmm, sound like tvshows always get recognized as movies. Are you living in the US?

(2013-12-24, 19:00)xxnumbxx Wrote: +1 on already watched/progress feature. So far this is working great. Thanks again to developer. Does anyone have issues with the windows utility after netflix auto starts another show in series? The windows utility no longer responds, I'm debating just creating an ahk to kill chrome. Ideas?
Added in v1.2.3 for episodes. But its not available for movies on the netflix site when browsing through the categories.

(2013-12-24, 19:53)elmerohueso Wrote: However, I did run across an issue when playing from my library. The IE will open and the movie will play, but XBMC will still throw an error about not being able to play the file.
Yes. See first post. I would need to use a playercorefactory.xml but this would couse other trouble.

(2013-12-25, 03:31)Spd-Kilz Wrote: Hey, great add-on, it works about 95% perfect for me on a Windows 7/XBMC Frodo set up. There is an issue I'm having though I thought I would ask and see if there is a solution or if others are having the same concern.

I will boot into the app, select a program to watch and away it goes no problem (awesome). Pause/play works with the defined controls I set up..as does the "Alt+F4 exit" key (in my case it's the back button on my MCE remote). Pressing that back button exits the browser and brings XBMC back up. Great...but if I go to watch a second program, the back button no longer works. The video plays fine, and I can pause/play it no problem, but the back button no longer exits the browser back to XBMC. ONLY happens if I watch another program after I went back to XBMC the first time.

Very strange and annoying as I don't use a keyboard, so at this point I pretty much have to reboot/shutdown after the second show is done as I can't even find a way to exit the browser using my "remote mouse" app on my iPhone.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Cheers and Merry Christmas.
Really strange. Do you still have the same problem? Have you tried mapping another key?

(2013-12-25, 17:04)kiler129 Wrote: Is there any plans to add socks proxy support directly into plugin? I don't want to proxy whole xbmc or whole system Wink
No, sorry. I dont want to integrate a simple way to bypass the geoblocking...
Also i would get more wrong bug reports, if the proxy isnt working or too slow (like for you).

(2013-12-25, 17:04)kiler129 Wrote: Is it normal that navigation is painfully slow? Sometimes I need to wait for about 40-60 seconds to get movies list.
No. Should be related to your proxy.

(2013-12-25, 17:04)kiler129 Wrote: Why can't we use eg. Apple TV or Roku API keys? It's agains EULA ofc but who cares in this case Smile
Of course, i dont use stolen api keys in my addons...

(2013-12-26, 07:09)XBMCUser4657 Wrote: Is there any way that you might be interested in creating something similar for Amazon VOD? It would be fantastic if it worked the exact same way, and could be used to view Prime VOD as well as purchased content. I'm not sure what's involved from a coding perspective, but maybe this would be very easy? I think a lot of users would really love it.
(2013-12-31, 06:28)Romans I XVI Wrote: It would be great if we could get this project merged with the amazon project. I got amazon to work by opening a browser a while back when they added drm. But mine uses a custom installer and I would much rather have it work by using the the advanced chrome launcher you have integrated.

Also recently amazon has been detecting that we are accessing the page using a script and either resetting our amazon password or not allowing the addon to access the page. I have only created 2 official addons for XBMC ( iTBN and GodTube ) so you obviously have a lot more coding experience than me. I will look at what I can do sometime, but to have you and your expertise backing this would be great. Possibly even host the modified amazon addon in your repo so people can easily find it.

Thank you so much for your hard work. XBMC wouldn't be what it is without all of the great addons you have contributed to it.
I already started developing an amazon addon few weeks ago.
I currently have not much time - maybe i will finish it next weeks (if there is still interest).
But i also just saw you already modified the existing addon with the Chrome Launcher stuff.
Maybe i'll wait a bit to see what features you get implemented and if i should continue with my one...

(2013-12-26, 20:45)raja1530 Wrote: Hello I just got XBMC and I'm trying to add Netflix to it but every time I get a script error I'm using windows 7. I eventually want to link XBMC to windows media center because I live in Canada and this is the only way I would be able to use a remote from windows media center using a hauppauge remote. So Can anyone plz help me find out why this is not working . Thank you very much
Please upload your debug log. Hard to say something without.

(2013-12-26, 21:23)CAJN Wrote: I have installed this add-on and have it all working, with one minor issue. I select something to watch and it drops out of XBMC and into Chrome briefly, then re-focuses back into XBMC. If I select the windows key on the keyboard, I can see Chome is active and playing the item I selected for Netflixbmc to play. It looks like a focus issue, but I cannot see how to make Chrome keep focus.
(2014-01-04, 23:43)locoguano Wrote: One little problem I am running into... When I play a video, XBMC remains on top and I can hear the video playing in the background... I end up having to alt-tab to get to the browser.
Mmm, do you maybe have set <alwaysontop>true</alwaysontop> in your advancedsettings.xml? Are you directly booting to XBMC or do you have the normal desktop running?

(2013-12-28, 18:22)gz519 Wrote: Was there any solution to post #147? Im getting the same errors. aka urlopen/ssl errors? :-(
If you use a proxy, it must support ssl.

(2013-12-28, 20:59)ocruz301 Wrote: Hi, I love this plug-in but cant seem to get it to work. On first launching the plugin I get a blank "Choose your profile window"
Still having the issue? Tried to delete your cookies?

(2013-12-31, 02:47)locoguano Wrote: Any way to get XBMC to close while this is up then open again when the vid closes?
No. Would be a bit annoying to always return to the start screen.

(2014-01-01, 23:06)jcato Wrote: ...I believe the problem is that windows directories can't end (or start) with a period. So, I changed line 536 from:
seriesFolderName = (''.join(c for c in unicode(seriesTitle, 'utf-8') if c not in '/\\:?"*|<>')).strip()


seriesFolderName = (''.join(c for c in unicode(seriesTitle, 'utf-8') if c not in '/\\:?"*|<>')).strip(' .')
Thanks! Fixed with v1.2.3.

(2014-01-02, 09:08)GrantXP Wrote: Firstly, superb plugin. However I have had one issue...

It was working like a dream at first. Then I switched on my VPN to connect through a US box and now I get plugin errors whenever I try to load content that is US only.
Strange. Really looks like its not working with all VPNs/Proxys/DNS.
I also answered your pm. Hopefully we could find a solution. Really strange is that the videos get listed fine for you...

(2014-01-02, 14:34)GrantXP Wrote: Also one other request. Is there any way to add a menu Item 'Movies' so that you can see the latest films that have been added?
There is no raw movie category available on the netflix site afaik. If there is one available, i can add it.

(2014-01-02, 19:25)AnnaOmnity Wrote: I have installed NetfliXBMC on my Media Centre box which is running Win 7, however I am not sure if it is just me, but the add-on seems really laggy.
When I load the addon it takes a good few minutes for the spinning blue loading circle to disappear and for it to take me into the main NetfliXBMC menu.
This is not normal. But i dont know what could cause it, sorry.

(2014-01-04, 22:17)[Ad0] Wrote: Feature request: Could you change refresh rate to match whatever netflix is running at so I won't get jerky videos? And then set it back when chrome process is gone?
I guess this is not really possible for me to implement for all operating systems.
You should better setup your refresh rate system wide, so that Netflix playback is working smooth for you...

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