[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-01-05, 05:17)AddonScriptorDE Wrote:
(2014-01-04, 23:43)locoguano Wrote: One little problem I am running into... When I play a video, XBMC remains on top and I can hear the video playing in the background... I end up having to alt-tab to get to the browser.
Mmm, do you maybe have set <alwaysontop>true</alwaysontop> in your advancedsettings.xml? Are you directly booting to XBMC or do you have the normal desktop running?
The suggested alwaysontop thing seems to solve it. Not working for you?

(2014-01-05, 19:11)OGpedxing Wrote: +1 on the idea of merging netflixbmc with the amazon addon. I have both on my setup but what would be extremely awesome is being able to search both at the same time and have the results returned in one list. Heck, add hulu and it would be amazing.
As mentioned before, i already started writing an amazon addon some weeks ago. But i wont merge them together, sorry.

(2014-01-05, 21:37)[Ad0] Wrote:
(2014-01-05, 05:17)AddonScriptorDE Wrote: You should better setup your refresh rate system wide, so that Netflix playback is working smooth for you...

I am using xubuntu 12.04 with nvidia geforce GT 220 and compton (to avoid tearing).
It runs terribly in all refresh rates unfortunally. Some frames are dropped periodically. If a video runs at 24FPS, and I set 24Hz, it runs OK for 15 seconds, and then 15 seconds with stuttering.
I see that it actually drops frames. So those guys using pipelight for linux, what could be the issue?

I have no idea where to ask.
Sorry, i have no idea what to try. But i would suggest to ask for help on the pipelight website...

(2014-01-05, 21:41)h8redv2 Wrote: Hi
I have to click my mouse to have focus on chrome.
Otherwise the remote key utility does nothing.
Except alt f4 which is mapped to my remotes back button, this for some reason work every time ?
I have upgraded to nederst version and am still running on Windows 8.
Is there something I Can do ?

Regards and Thanks for a great app....
Mmm, does it take very long for you to open chrome? Maybe the auto clicks are made to early.
I can change next version, so that the timings can be adjusted...

(2014-01-05, 22:50)mrmonkeyman Wrote: Using windows 7 with an mce controller. When I try to bind any buttons the remote key utility ignores them, instead the key presses go to xbmc. When viewing netflix pressing buttons on mce are captured by xbmc and ignored by chrome even if I focus it with the mouse. The remote key utility does accept keys from keyboard.
Maybe you need to install/config the MCE remote addon.
I dont tested it without. This is one of the first addons i install on my win systems.

(2014-01-05, 23:27)Daemaz Wrote:
(2013-12-21, 18:27)w1ll1am Wrote: Hello. I am getting a black screen when I am trying to play anything. I am using ubuntu and the offical chrome browser. I can hear the video playing but don't see anything. I just installed everything today 12-21-13 so everything is up to date. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Did you find any solution to this? I have the same issue.
Sorry, i have no solution but i would suggest to ask for help on the pipelight website...

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