[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
Alright, first off this is an amazing plugin thank you for it.

For those of you looking for xbox controller support, I have it working. I'm actually using a PS3 controller, but the pc thinks its xbox so it should work for you.

First, watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpSaOJJIun8 this will show you exactly how to setup a PS3 controller ( I assume xbox would work aswell?) to you pc. it's WAY better than any of that betterds3 or motionjoy crap out there. THe controllers pair EVERY time with no fiddling.

Out of the gate...the wireless controller with work with xbmc and it's fantastic. I did run into an issue though with netflixbmc as the controller doesnt really make use of a direct keyboard translation....so the MCE mapping didnt work. So we have to find a way around it.

The first thing you need to do is remove the files that are currently allowing the remote to work out of the box,we do this because in the next step we are going to remap and if we leave both we will get weird double keypresses, they are located in C:\ProgramFiles\xbmc\settings\keymaps ( something like that) there will be a few of them, I just removed all of the ones that looked like "Microsoft xbox controller. Joystick controller,ps3 controller etc..etc.. I only left the files that were titled like " keyboard and mouse" I put them in a folder on the desktop for safe keeping incase something went wrong.

then I downloaded a program called xpadder...xpadder is used alot in the emulation world...basically all you do is press each button on your remote and it registers it in the program graphically....then you reposition the buttons on your screen to match the general layout of your controller ( just so it's easier to know which buttons are which"

once you have the controller layout all mapped out..you can click on each button and link it to a coorsponding key on your regular keyboard...they are all there including some more advanced options like multiple key strokes at the same time, pauses, durations of keypress etc..etc.. this is pretty strait forward and you can set it up however you want.... then save it and your done...you need to make sure xpadder starts when windows does ( which can be set in xpadders settings) and as long as the program is open while you are in xbmc it will register everything you hit as if you were using the keyboard ( which was needed to get the netflixbmc mapping screen to register the buttons.

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