[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-08-22, 14:31)rk4262 Wrote: Ok, I did look through some of this thread but did not find the answer to this. I installed the add-on, went perfect, went in a did the initial settings set-up, when I tried to close the settings window it would not close, further more while clicking "OK", and the "X" close button the whole computer locked up. I ended up restarting the computer just to get out of it. Opened XBMC back up, went back to the add-on, accidentally clicked on the wrong button, and opened the settings again, and you guessed it, could not exit the settings screen again, however the computer didn't lock up this time, I just couldn't exit. I short-pressed the power button on the pc, brought up the XBMC exit screen, with shutdown system, reboot system etc..., clicked on exit, now the pc locks up, again another hard reboot, although I did notice it had saved all my settings changes apparently. Rebooted pc again, opened XBMC, clicked "Videos", then "Add-ons", then "NetFliXBMC" it opened the Settings menu again, and again had to reboot.

I have cleared all cache, etc..., I am running an older Dell Inspirion desktop, 2.ghz, 2gig ram, using a 42" LCD TV as a monitor, trying to set this up as sort of a
cheapo media center, I am running Zorin 9-lite, (an Ubuntu 14.04 flavor, basically a Lubuntu machine) I've ran this operating system on multiple computers for about 2 years, starting with Z6, and it's always been a stable platform that would run things other Linux flavors won't. All drivers, and programs are up-to-date, and the machine will play the "Ubuntu Netflix Desktop Launcher" (using FireFox), with no problem. I would just like to get it running in XBMC for the ability to use a remote to operate, instead of getting up and going over and standing hunched over the computer trying to find another movie. That's not good on my bad back.

Any idea's? I wanted to ask before I went through the trouble of uninstalling, and reinstalling, in case this was a known issue with an easy fix. Let me know if you need any more information of any kind.

Thank You so much for your time and effort in putting together an add-on that I know I'm going to love and use for years.

I don't have the lockup problem. But if my settings are not correct the plugin is coded to bring the settings screen up. So I think that's the loop you saw. I saw it also today but was able to use ps and kill to kill xbmc

I think the plugin should be changed to just report error rather than redisplaying settings.

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