[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-09-21, 06:30)ravenxx Wrote:
(2014-09-21, 06:16)jawilljr Wrote:
Quote:What's wrong with you? The message was very helpful: I had the addon installed but did not noticed any update. Only because of the notification I knew that I had to update Chrome.
I had Chrome installed before (don't know which version), and only after installing the beta the HTML5 UI was used. Before only Silverlight. I'm using Win8.1.

Because I hate it when devs don't listen. And I see you are using Windows. Right now Chrome 37 stable works in Linux with Netflix. Don't know about Windows. Me I did not have to update Chrome. Don't know about Windows. Why use Beta when Stable works.
I needed to install Chrome beta to get it working, so the statement of the dev is absolutely right Confused
Maybe also Chrome 30 works with Netflix, but to get the advantages of the new HTML5 UI, you need a newer Chrome version.
If you google for "netflix chrome html5" you'll find a lot of info that Chrome beta is required.

Read the comments.

The article also says that you need Chrome-dev ver 37 to get Netflix in Linux to work. Now that it is stable, no problem. Like I said I don't know about Windows.

Quote:What is is wrong with the Dev?
Nothing is wrong with the dev! He is providing brilliant software for free and people like you are only complaining here!
Go trolling somewhere else!!!

Notihing wrong about the dev. He is doing an excellent job, just listen.

Like I said, why use beta when you don't have to.

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