[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
After watching twoHuh videos, I can't return to XBMC without killing xbmc.bat

I'm having a problem with my setup that I don't see described anywhere else (except maybe here): the screen goes completely dark and unresponsive after watching two videos. If I kill XBMC via SSH, the screen returns (but at the root menu, not in context of NetfliXBMC). I assume this is because XBMC restarts itself.

How I reproduce the issue
  1. Start playing a video
  2. Stop playing the video (alt+F4)
  3. Start playing the same or another video
  4. Stop playing that video (alt+F4) - instead of reurning to XMBC, the screen is black and unresponsive
  5. Kill xbmc with: killall -9 xbmc.bin

My Setup
  • XBMCbuntu & Chrome launcher
  • Custom launcher script:
if ! pidof -x openbox > /dev/null
    openbox &
/usr/bin/google-chrome "$@"
kill %1

What log?
From another computer I tailed the output of XBMC's debug... and nothing seems wrong. I've also compared the list of running processes at each step of this issue - nothing seems to be that different.

I have no idea what to do next!! Please help?

PS: Yes, I am using XBMC successfully today to watch videos. The public API going down should be irrelevant to NetfliXBMC, as it uses the browser rather than the API. I did have some problems that were alleviated by removing the "kids" profile Netflix created. Earlier (possibly related) I had to hard-code my country ('US') into the default.py script.

Update: I just dicovered (via alt+tab) that XBMC goes black when chrome for the second video launches. It is not black when the first video launches. I feel like this might be a good clue... but I'm not sure.

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