[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-11-19, 22:43)jdoo Wrote: I just noticed also that doing "add to my list" within the plugin actually does nothing, even though the notification pops up saying the item was added to "my list". It's a minor annoyance but whatever, at least reading my list works.

I'm trying to figure out a few things to make the most of this plugin, I tried searching the thread but couldn't find anything so hopefully somebody else may share some insight.

Library Integration: When I choose a television show and do "add to library", will new episodes be automatically added to the library as and when Netflix acquires them? Also, for expired content which is no longer available, does the plugin to anything to recognize this and clean up stale entries?

Playlists: I am using a skin which lets you use playlists as content for widgets, so I'd love it if I could create a playlist from both "new on Netflix" and "my list" and have that updated every time I launch XBMC or every day. Is this even possible?


You might want to take a look at the Titan skin which has integrated support for the Netflixbmc addon.
I'm the author of that skin and use netflixbmc every day with my skin,
the widgets contain live data for example: just choose what you want to see and they get updated.

The Titan skin is available on the official xbmc repo, offcourse you can also check out latest beta versions: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=201061

Offcourse it's a matter of personal taste if you like the skin, it's just a suggestion for you when I saw your wish for the widgets.

(2014-11-20, 07:48)SamBotte Wrote: I have the same issue.
Does anyone has an idea how to fix that ?

I experience this issue too, I believe since the 1.3.4 version.
When I have some spare time available I can take a look at the code but else we might have to wait for the author AddonScripterDE

(2014-11-19, 15:11)toptrumps Wrote: I tried re-installing but no luck. I have installed this on two different windows machines and have the same problem.

Please check in your addons folder if the addon is named plugin.video.netflixbmc (and not plugin.video.netflixbmc-1.3.4)

I had this problem after installing the latest version (1.3.4) on a reinstalled machine and noticed that the version number was added to the folder name.
Just rename the folder and you're all set.

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