[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-12-02, 10:45)marcelveldt Wrote: As you guys might know I'm also helping with development of the MediaBrowser add-on.
We have a XBMC repository set up. If you guys want I can ask if we can use the repo for the netflix add-on too.
That way users don't have to mess with zipfiles, just install the repo-addon and ready to go and receive the updates...
Or do you have any ideas on setting up a custom xbmc repo ?

BTW: I saw that the code was forked from AddonscriporDE's github but I think that's really old stuff, the latest version of his addon was 1.3.4 and the one on Github is 1.2.6 last modified 8 months ago. This is missing features like the suggested lists, add to library etc.
Or did you also merge the code from version 1.3.4 in it ?

What does it take to submit releases to your repos, is it automated or is it a case of email package to admin once we're up and running? I've got no problem setting up my own repo, but I also like the idea of consolidation of repos in general.

I kept the code forked from his original github one to preserve history and make it easier for others to have pull requests from forks etc. I used git-svn however to pull in all the change history from the googlecode svn up to 1.3.4 before adding my changes, so it's all up to date.

(2014-12-02, 12:38)JasonPell Wrote: As for the repo as Corona has the primary repo. So it's his call. Ideally users need to start installing from corona repo
However there is still dep on chrome launcher for windows and osx.

With my PR we can get rid of chrome launcher for Linux

I've accepted your PR, haven't tried it yet but I'll take your word that it's not a big step backwards ;-)
When I get a chance I'll give it a go and look into making it work on other os's, I've got all of them available to me for testing.

alelec kodi repo, hosting my binary addons not eligible for the official repo .
netflix, sbs ondemand, webdriver etc.


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