[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-12-02, 22:35)tjsuominen Wrote: Any chance having this running on top of OpenELEC (with Kodi)?

I presume you mean OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi?

Unfortunately it looks like a no, google hasn't updated chrome on that platform enough to include the DRM components needed to run Netflix: http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewto...0&p=634872

Basically this plugin can work on any platform that you can install google chrome on and use netflix in the the browser like a normal desktop.

(2014-12-02, 22:19)AddonScriptorDE Wrote: Sorry for the absence last weeks - I just had too much to do.
I'll continue working on the addon next week (if I have enough time).
And thanks to all other devs for fixing some stuff in the meantime... Smile

"getting rid of chromelauncher":
I don't really see any benefit in moving the code from chrome-launcher directly to netflixbmc.
It does not make anything easier for the user - Chrome Launcher gets installed automatically anyway.
In my opinion, dividing these parts makes sense. Chrome Launcher is not only used by netflixbmc, and it makes sense to have Chrome settings (own profile, custom path) in a separate addon.
Also, a reason for dividing it was to have a separate support thread for anything related to Chrome. It does not really belong here - maybe non netflixbmc users are also interested in the found solutions.
If there are any advantages, please let me know, so I can think about it again.

"submitting to the official repo":
It won't be accepted there because of binary files. And I also think, that it wouldn't be the right place.
In my opinion, only simple addons that run out-of-the-box should be added to it. When default kodi/xbmc users install addons via the official repo, they expect them to work.
This addon needs some special instructions/configuration - as long as playback isn't directly possible via kodi/xbmc, it shouldn't be added to the official repo...

Hey AddonScriptorDE, no need to be sorry, we're all grateful for your work and I definitely know what it's like to be spread thin between work, life and projects. The fact you weren't around gave me a good reason to figure out how to debug xbmc plugins :-)
I hope you don't mind me throwing my fork on github, I would definitely like an opportunity to work together on this project with you.

I know what you mean about bringing in chrome launching code, kind of a if not broke don't fix thing, although I guess for some users it can just mean two plugins to configure to get netflix working.
Quite a few people seem to very often get to a point of having the plugin browsing menus just fine but then having them not play, and considering that's a point where it switches to the chrome plugin before jumping to chrome it might complicate getting more info from users to figure out what's breaking.
alelec kodi repo, hosting my binary addons not eligible for the official repo .
netflix, sbs ondemand, webdriver etc.


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