Skin Updates for TvTunes 4.0.X
Support for new version added to skin Cirrus.Extended.V3
Thanks paradix, I assume this isn't in the official addon repo (couldn't see it) I think I found the correct thing on the forums - please would you be able just to check to make sure I have added the correct links to the wiki.

Thanks, Rob
Thanks Rob, all the links are fine.
(2013-11-25, 11:36)pecinko Wrote: Should work in Amber, as well Smile

Hi pecinko,

Nice work in Amber! Fine indeed.

I have conducted some tests on both Frodo and Gotham with Amber and it seems a few things are missing in your DialogVideoInfo.xml to fully support TvTunes 4.x. This result in the following features missing amongst others:

1) No 'Get Theme' button in Movies' Info pane (only present in tv shows), therefore
2) No way for users to search, fetch and save movie themes in solo mode (on a video-by-video basis), specially now that Rob is launching new search support for Goear which hugely improves the bitrate quality of tv show tunes and the availability of movies OSTs.

Your <onclick> & <visible> in the DialogVideoInfo.xml currently are:
<visible>Container.Content(TVShows) + System.HasAddon(script.tvtunes) + Skin.HasSetting(TVTunes.Enabled)</visible>

And should be:
<visible>Skin.HasSetting(TVTunes.Enabled) + System.HasAddon(script.tvtunes) + [Container.Content(TVShows) | Container.Content(movies)] + IsEmpty(Window(movieinformation).Property("TvTunes_HideVideoInfoButton"))</visible>

I noticed the <onload> command is also missing at the header of the DialoVideoInfo.xml but I believe you have your own reasons for this and can live without it since the one present in the MyVideoNav.xml its doing the magic anyway.

For further info please refer to:

@Rob_webset: I found this just by chance. Feel like I'll be testing every skin stating full support on this thread just to make sure this is true and the wiki is providing consistent information with regards to skin support.


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Skin Updates for TvTunes 4.0.X0
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