Streaming Internet Radio!
Hi all

I've tried and tried to get this to work, read so many sites with possible suggestions and think I have tried pretty much everything!

I go to a live radio website which works fine on my PC, select 'view source' on the player page and get this:

Then I copy that URL into a notepad, save the file as an .STRM and try to launch in XBMC. It says 'buffering' for a split sec, then nothing. Any ideas?

Here's the log:

Pastebin Log

Thanks in advance.
Not so easy. The link is only to a website with an embedded flash player that actually does the streaming.

Requires Wireshark to catch the actual stream information and some time and skill to interpret it.
Failing any better advice... you could use something like advanced launcher to launch a browser to the link when you want to play it.

Any of these should work:

These were obtained by simply spoofing the user-agent to be an iphone, clicking on the original link and then opening up the resulting .pls file in a text editor.

Create a strm file with this in it:

#EXTINF: -1,XL 103.1 Calgary's Greatest Hits (Stream 1)

#EXTINF: -1,XL 103.1 Calgary's Greatest Hits (Stream 2)

#EXTINF: -1,XL 103.1 Calgary's Greatest Hits (Stream 3)
Thanks to mayoman and spoyser!!!!

@spoyser... that's an amazing trick I'd have never thought of that!! Thanks for the tip and for the help, I'm going to try to add another one and see how I get on.
@spoyser hmm didn't work for me, I'm using Chrome. Changed the useragent to Iphone 5, navigated to the link but it didn't bring up a .pls?

The site I tried was:

What I noticed was it seemed to remove the useragent changes, but even when I tried to re-add the useragent it didn't come up with a .pls

Thanks for your help!!

Unfortunately it doesn't work for every site, only if the web-site owners have added iPhone/iPad support (in actual fact non-flash support)

You can double check the user-agent change has worked by going here

This will tell you the user-agent supplied by the browser
Thanks @spoyser, appreciate your help and the explanation :-)

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