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[RELEASE] Metroid
Overlapping config window for chosen weather addon in settings is fixed and uploaded.

o) Home screen items are controlled by a service addon called Skin Widgets. And i doubt it will be possible to call the info window on Home.
But you can try and ask.

p) I'll think about it.

q) It will look the same? I don't think i understand the question.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
q) The text under photos of actors should contain full name of actor, and name of the role in the movie/tv series.
Its certain that so much text does not fit into the small area which is reserved for this. It seems bit unfinished.


r) Missing menus / Misplaced menus or settings
- Global Back Button: On/Off
Present in "Skin settings > Options". Fits better in "Skin settings > Main menu", but just a matter of preference. Not a real issue.

- Add-ons
I was searching for the menu in "Settings". Its placed in Main menu.

- Pictures
Pictures in Main menu: ON, but its not appearing in main menu. I dont have picture library. I expected it to appear and lead to screen with "add source".

- Video Menu/DVD menu
Not present in video player. Usually"one click" feature which leads back to DVD menu if present. Not much an issue.

t) Logic of some features
- My Movies alphabetical subcategories
begins with *All, ABCD and so on... There are movies like. 3:10 to Yuma, or 2001: Space odyssey. Numerical subcategory may be desired, althought its contained with "all"

- My TV shows with alphabetical subgategories
uvwxyz is being displayed twice.

- My Music with submenu
Songs, Artist, Top 100, Recent, Library. I expected Albums, again matter of preference.

- Back / Previous / Home
Sometimes they all act as "home". (My Movies with using submenus)
Sometimes "Back" will open "movies" directory in Library (My Movies without submenus). Previous and Home seem to act same.
When playing media:
a) You just selected media and it starts to play
- back and previous act as a "fullscreen"
- Home acts as Home...
b) you already returned to media by back/previous/fullscreen from main menu
- Back, previous and home all acts as Home

its quite confusing.

Weather configuration:
Looks different, but still not fixed.
o) Seems like this may be possible after Gotham.

q) Not sure what i want with this yet.

r) Global Back Button: This enables the back button in all screens, including things like the X in info screen. If it is placed in main menu options people don't expect it to alter things in other windows.
Add-ons: Yes, I kind of disagree with current standard of having it in settings. It doesn't lead to a setting window like the other options in settings. I like it all under one option in one place, and be able to hide it as a whole.
Pictures in Main menu: Might need rewording, it is found under "Sources" in main menu. Where the other options are (video, music) that lead to an "add source".
Video Menu/DVD menu: Still on the to-do list.

t) Adding a numerical subcategory to the alphabetical subcategories is a good suggestion.

Double uvwxyz found and removed.

My Music Albums added.

- Back / Previous / Home
My Movies - Title submenu goes straight back for convenience (most used action is straight back?). This is the skin over-riding default behavior though (so this i can make optional). And you can use the My Movies - Library submenu to get to Actors/Tags ect.

My Movies without submenus does not give you the Library submenu option. So you can use back to get to Actors/Tags ect. This is the normal default behavior. But something i can make optional.

a + b) This is default XBMC behavior I can't change in the skin as far as i am aware. But i believe you can change it on your local install.

Weather configuration: Plz show me, saying it's not fixed is not very descriptive.

Btw i appreciate the feedback.

Changed back/previous behavior and made it optional so you can see the difference. Fixes uploaded. Make sure to update all folders.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
So to have perfectly clean experience I reinstalled XBMC and applied the skin on the fresh install to see, how complicated it will be to add libraries and all the stuff in a manner I prefer.

Missing slider:
Sources > Video > Add videos > Browse

Once I see the directory structure I have similar problem was in Main menu.

Window trasparent:
Sources > Pictures > Add Pictures
Sources > Pictures > Add Pictures > Browse
Weather - Window for selecting a location was transparent, but only for the first time.

Inactive slider:
Video screen > Video menu
I usually enable Deinterlace and then "Set as default for all videos".

Movie information > Refresh
When you change the data, new posters have to be downloaded. If menu is closed/changed too early it may not display new poster and art correctly. It may be required to close XBMC and start it again to fix this. Also Progress bar which informes about downloads may be desired to activate.

Video screen
When opened Video/Audio settings Volume and Video position hide. Controls remain visible, but inactive.

Back Button/Return to Parent folder
XBMC allows to Disable/re-enable feature which allows to display ".." or "return to parent folder".
Missing slider: Fixed
Window transparent: Works fine here. Can you show me, to make sure we are talking about the same thing?
Inactive slider: Fixed
Movie information > Refresh: XBMC handles this. If you are interested in submitting these kind of bugs http://trac.xbmc.org/
Video/Audio settings controls still act as "tab" indicator of what settings menu you have open.

Fixes uploaded.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Pictures add source (with bug):

Videos add source (Ok):

Weather setting
It happens in location choosing. You enter the location on the Keyboard and when possible locations appear the window is "transparent" in a same way as in pictures.

sliders: OK.

To Do tests:
- Optical drive (physical, virtual)
- Music Videos not tested yet.
- Test control also with:
a) Keyboard
b) Bluetooth headset - Jabra 3030
- To pick android based device and test the skin on it...

Feature Requests:
- Battery indicator
- "Hide menu" button in Video screen

- QWERTY keyboard (I am just used to it)
- Live TV support
(I transformed my netbook into UPNP server with single DVB-T tuner. For now there is no Touch-friendly skin with Live TV support. Confluence is quite close to it, but the side menu is quite annoying...)

Performance tests on Atom N550, with Win7:
- FPS is fluctuating from 25-60
- CPU utilization is also fluctuating from 2-25 percent.
(Gotham 13. Beta 1)
- Due these reasons the skin may get stuck for a while, which is very uncomfortable on touchscreen. Previous XBMC stable build does not have these trouble, other skins (confluence, re-touched) using Gotham seems to be limited to 30fps.
Pictures: Fixed overlap issue in Polaroid viewtype
Settings - Weather: Fixed overlap with select dialog.

Battery indicator: There is a battery level percentage in Settings -> Info. But it's not something you'd want on screen the whole time. I can do a low battery warning, 5% warning enough? Want it to show up during video? Added.
Hide menu: You want to close the Video OSD (play, stop skip, ect) with a button?

QWERTY: I'd like to have it as optional, but it's time consuming.
Live TV: What support are we talking about? In the OSD or the whole PVR window?

FPS: Can be influenced by so many things. I'm seeing 31 fps with vsync on (26 fps with some advancedsettings). What/how did you check fps, Settings -> Info?
If so try again with updated files. And what do you mean by "get stuck"? Time to load windows? Time to render library items?
CPU: Seeing 1-15% with a C2D T9300 with dirty regions on 1. And there should be some improvement once i make a Textures.xbt file out of the images.

Fixes uploaded
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Battery Indicator:
The question is whether you are using XBMC on static or mobile device (eg. Tablets, mobile phones, netbooks with touchscreen). If no, such indicator is useless if you still have your device plugged in.

But if you are running from battery you may have need to check charge level from time to time.

TV support:
Current OSD window is sufficient for viewing live TV and switching channels, as I tested previously.

Maybe recording button may be missing, but when we are talking about mobile devices, EPG with recording schedules is not needed. Usually those devices dont have sufficient battery and/or space to record so much data. Viewing Tv stream, listening to radio which is streamed over local network is the goal for most mobile devices, while the recording, is done on server side...

There is certainly no need for:
a) Teletext (cant be controlled on touchscreen anyways..)
b) EPG recording/scheduler

There may be need for:
a) Channel list (but as I mentioned before its almost unnecessary. Previous/Next work quite well).

Configuration of Live TV (enable, choose your PVR plugin) is bit different story.

QWERTY keyboard: Certainly not a priority...

FPS: Until there is final Gotham Build there is nothing I can measure... Too many side factors. I was just checking cpu utilization and FPS which is being displayed in XBMC... Some graphical effects (like opening poster menu) are not very smooth.

Hide Menu: Yes. Definitely not a priority. Sometimes you may want to play a movie and close the OSD as soon as possible. Also sometimes the OSD may get stuck and keep to display for too long, or is not going to dissappear. I have not found why this happens.

Tested real USB DVD drive.

Skin Works well. Once disk inserted XBMC will pick it up and "Play disk" option will appear in menu.

Note: When there is more than one optical drives in the system (physical or virtual) XBMC may crash - I will submit this elsewhere. Tested on Gotham beta 1.


a) "Movies" without actors
Iced Earth - Alive in Athens
Kreator - Revisioned glory

These are live concerts of the bands, and obviously there is no actor in library for this DVD. When I open the "info screen" I see poster, Art and half of text. Usually when i click on the right to the text, it will roll and allow me to read rest of it. Not for these two items. From what I know there are NO actors, since these are recorded concerts of those bands. Its the only difference I know about. Judas Priest - Live Vengeance is OK because band member are in place of actors. I can also test it on Deicide - When London Burns (tested and confirmed).

b) Playing item which is not in library
I was watching "The shining" on DVD but it was not in library yet. I wanted to return to "main menu". Menu appeared, but on the main screen was "back" and when I clicked on it there appeared ".." and this was repeating indefinitely.

If the item is in library you will see name of the movie/media.

Edit 2:
Confirmed bugfix in Pictures and Weather.
Music Videos tested. Ehmmm... Scraper did not found single item... Not a skin issue, but when it returned only wrong results for Iron Maiden i was bit...

Edit 3: Live TV
I just made one of the channels Favourite. Then I added it into favourites in Metroid. The "shortcut" leads only to a single channel, no EPG data in Info tab, switching does not work. If I would manage to add whole channel list it will work.
Channel support: Added main menu item to channels and channel support in OSD. No settings added! Obviously still needs work and can be buggy. But you should be able to see your channels now.

Hide Menu: Added.

a) "Movies" without actors: These live concerts might benefit from a different scraper, you can set a different one for each folder even. Alternatively, you could add the missing information to the websites used for the scraping, helps everyone. Scrolling to the text if there are no actors should be fixed now.

b) Playing item which is not in library: Can't reproduce or not sure what you mean. Can you show me?

Music Videos: Yeah, not much info. Searching "Iron Maiden" returned only 5 results. Make sure to use the right naming convention and folder structure though.

-Music video folder
---Artist folder
-------Artist - Title.mp4

Favourites: They are handled by script favorites http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=114671

Have you tried the "make widget" feature on a video plugin folder? Bring up context menu on video plugin folder with video's or streams, click make widget. And it should show up on home below recently added ect.

Changes uploaded and version bumped.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Hide menu: Works
a) Fixed... Currently no better scraper...

- Use DVD rom (physical or some SW outside XBMC which can mount disk ISOs).
- Play the video using "Play disk"
- Click "menu" (the button right from the bookmarks)
Result: http://slayershrine.wz.cz/back.jpg

If the item currently being played is in library (any library) the name of the movie is present. Clicking on it will act as "play item" depending on default action. "Return to parent folder" is currently enabled. Same result can be archieved by playing live TV.

I have not tried to make widgets yet. I tried XBMC about 1 year ago and about one month ago I found a way how to transform my netbook into portable UPNP server (using XBMC of course)

Live TV: Works fine. Anything that may lead to crash is related to plugin i use (nextPVR)...

I tested skin control with a Mouse:

a) Last item in menu inactive:
Althougt not visible on screen i was hovering cursor over "play disc". No tragedy, just may be confusing

b) Strange behaviour of "next" button:
When i press "back" and the screen returns to one with active "player controls" next button will seem to be "grey" until some graphic element on the screen changes (until you move a mouse for example.

c) Volume control in Video OSD
Much worse as with touch control. Its almost impossible to grab it and move. Audio does not have this problem.

d) Low (laggy) performance in Main Menu while video playing:
Might be just HW related. Atom N550 has very weak specs... Its mostly visible only when using a mouse - touch screen usage does not suffer from this simply because the mouse is not hovering over objects.

Also tested Audio with lyrics:
- on windows need slider, or mouse to scroll them down...
- when active all other controls are hidden. Cant be reached via rightclick, nor "touch and hold" I have to hit ESC on keyboard to get to controls.
(also due some reason controls were stuck, Next was looking like"pressed" but I was unable to reproduce this yet).
- Once lyrics are "cancelled" i dont know how to turn them on without leaving the audio view, and then endering back using "fullscreen".
Note Motorhead - The world is your works.
No item for DVD and LiveTV in video playlist window. Same in Confluence, i'll ask.

a) Fixed
b) Mouse moves focus, sounds normal.
c) Grab and move still reacts to horizontal motion. I don't think it was meant to be rotated. So click action only.
d) I know. There are a lot of checks happening if you fly over them with a mouse. Loads of hidden items. Not a problam for remote or touch, but mouse + low power CPU is worse case for this.

Audio with lyrics:
Make sure you are running 2.0.7 of CU LRC Lyrics
Lyrics should come back on with the microphone icon in the OSD.
Added some hidden buttons.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
a) Fix confirmed
c) yep...

CU LRC version 2.0.6. Add-on Does not offer to update....
Lyrics are not appearing when pressing microphone. At all I will re-test it once I will have correct addon.
Hidden buttons present and seem to work.

The scrollig of lyrics work with "up" and "down" keys. Up/down buttons bound to these key will solve trouble on windows touchscreens...

Some lyrics autoscroll, some dont, but hovering a mouse over them or touching the screen pauses them...

Live TV:
Looks nice. I realized that Gotham separated live TV and Live Radio into two groups of channels and are not mixed together as they were before... (At least I remember that Next/Previous was mixing the channels, but it may depend on PVR).

Movie info screen:
Last position of the movie is automatically bookmarked. Info screen offer:
Play button
Continue button

When I use Play button, XBMC will ask if i want to "start from the beginning" or "continue at...". These features seems bit duplicate when are almost on same screen.

Sources to be added:
Sources > any type > Add "any type"
There is no slider. I dont know if its only not visible or not present since there is not too many items in this dialog window ...

So Far:

a) Volume bar in video OSD
- reacts only on tapping. Useful with touchscreen (there is a way how to grab it), bit less with mouse.
Its a bug, but nothing important. Still can be used almost without limitation.

b) Some performance issues
- using a mouse may be exhausting on system resources when hovering over menu...
- Some graphical activities like opening menus...
To be solved when there is full version of Gotham and the skin as well.

c) Some buttons are visible but inactive
- Video OSD while bookmark menu opened
- Home screen when Player controls are active.
Not a bug, just may be confusing to users.

d) Sliders
Windows (7) touchscreens act differently as Android on action "grab and scroll". Adding them made the skin usable on Windows.

So generally I dont see any major bugs, and no obstacles to use this skin on Windows.

Feature requests which are archievable via Favourites (therefore I will not request them):
- Pictures in main menu
- Music albums in main menu

Tests performed on:
Windows 7
Atom N550
10 inch touchscreen

On smaller screens can be complicated to:
- click on item in "browse" dialog boxes
- switch settings in Video/audio menus
Sometimes bigger window may compensate, sometimes not.

Feature requests:
(nothing to hurry with)
- more view types
- easier accesibility to enable subtitles, change subtitle language, change audio language (embedded ones, usually in DVDs - and configurable via DVD menu)
- localization
- qwerty keyboard

I am also going to perform few tests on android devices...
Both issues i mentioned to roni here:
Latest version is already 2.0.9 https://github.com/ronie/script.cu.lrclyrics

There are normal and lrc based (synchronised) lyrics, those can scroll. They will be used first if available, the non scrolling are fallback.

Movie info screen:
Yes, is a bit double.

Sources to be added:
If i understood you correct, then it is fixed.

Easier accessibility to enable subtitles, ect:
Enable/disable is maybe sometimes easy in OSD, but changing languages ect really belongs in settings.
What you can do though is:
While playing a video in the window where you disable/enable the subtitles, you can select "apply to all videos" to set it as default.
Or you can press "T" on the keyboard.
Or map your own button on a remote

When all English is done i will add it to Transifex. If you want, you can even sign up and translate your own language.

Tests on android:
Also much welcome.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Live TV:
When selecting a channel its always selected channel 3rd from the top, so I have to use slider and "arrange" the channel to the correct position.
Live TV:
Should be okay now.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
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