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[RELEASE] Metroid
(2014-05-25, 23:39)Reynald Wrote: I just tested Metroid, and the first reaction: Whoa I'm lost there in everywhere! After several minutes of research and understanding, the second reaction; Whoa it's deadly! I love it! It's very clever and great built in the end

Congratulations! There are a lot of little thing that does not work well, but it's WIP! congratulations

Thank you.

If you could tell me what does not work well for you i can fix it.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
I will test several days Metroid, and I will tell you Smile
Here is a first return, sorry if this has already been pointed out and say, I have great difficulty with English. I'll put picture screenshot for you to understand what I say. Smile

On the homepage, I do not have pictures of tvshows!


image we can see a vertical bar on the left between the menu and the images, I can select, but I do not understand what it does. it nothing happens when I click! Normal or not normal?

on this picture you can see the fanart cloverfield, with clearlogo of cogan. every time I change I have an image shift. I check with Refocus and confluence and all is good for this . I think your skin is so complete and full control function that is a bit heavy. And yet I have a i5 PC with 8 GB of ram, then imagine a raspberry as will be slow. Maybe rework the animation change..

on this picture, I think you should redo a framework to highlight the text, it is difficult to see, and the parameter are important.

Then there is a problem on the name of a parameter. and opacity button does not work


4/I can not enable custom widgets, is that this is a feature that is not activated yet? or is this a bug? the tab is gray!

Thank you very much for this amazing skin, which is very different from all the others and brings renewal in what everyone is doing (my top 3: Refocus, conq and Metroid) I will closely follow your work Smile)

Good luck, I'll test more thoroughly Metroid

another thing: when I'' i 'for information, I can not remove them:'' I have to ESCape "and stop the video.


I just stop the video, return to home, and I try and I try to see all the button player. I just saw that it was up! I did not see!

can change the color focus, no focus?

on the tv show home, I have no picture!


So much for the return , I will continue and this is all I see as a small problem. it will not prevent myself to live Smile thank you for this great skin, good work

you can see on the right, the titles of episodes tvshows. they are duplicated, then I have only 1 episode name. check in confluence and refocus, this does not happen! check in my movies folder and it is not found! just Metroid which shows the problem!
If I run an trailer in the tab info of film strip, the screen remains on the plug and nothing works to return see the trailer. The screen stays on the plug! I have to escape, return to home and back to the trailer, which is already well ahead in time! and thus back again in the tab trailer for see it ! . Weird!

Hello Reynald. This reminds me when I start to hunt bugs in Metroid for the first time Smile Long list with issues Big Grin

Few questions:

a) What platform are you using? Windows, Android, Other?
b) What control type? Keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, gamepad?

First thing I realized that the design has great potential for every platform and controller, but you have to learn how to use it. Its not as intuitive as I expected.

My configuration:
Windows 7 netbook/tablet hybrid.
Atom N550
Sometimes mouse and keyboard.

on your issues:
1. No pictures on TV shows
It seems that due some reason the images were not downloaded. I dont have such trouble, but I use english names, but even then I have to correct things in libary. Can be trouble with scraper...

2. Vertical stripe on homescreen next to menu.
Thats a slider. There are 4 wigdets. recent movies, recent tv shows, random movies, random tv shows.

3. Cloverfield stuff
Seems like some kind of bug.

4. Framework and text
Previously the background screens were much more darker (done with opacity), so the text was quite visible

5. I for information: Will re-test on touchscreen. Few versions ago there was no problem with it.

6. No pictures on TV show home, See point 1....

7. Duplicate items in TV show library
Try to remove data from the library and re-load from the scraper again. I had similar trouble when I was trying to find correct way to work with scrapers.

To MassIV: Few bugs for you

a) I see blue/grey stripe under the video slider. Same stripe is visible on any screen "when loading" data (TV stations from TV backend or data from scrapers).

Some good news:
For the first time I had to adjust sound offset to video out of sync (Czech release of Apocalypse now). It worked surprisingly well on touchscreen.
Offler, thank you for your answers:

About the images on Tvshows I of course again a scan with artwork and rescans with scraper. nothing changes

For my platform

PC intel I5:
windows 7
8 giga ram
DD 4 terra internal Sata 3. no connection NAS, remote ftp server available. work well
1 video card asus (not too know the reference)
1 pc keyboard and 1 mouse (do not use the mouse on the skin, I do not like)
HDMI tv lg 110 cm
1.a) Problem is in your database i think.
1.b) Vertical bar on the left between the menu and the images can only scroll if you have more than 2 widgets enabled.
You can enable more widgets in skin settings.
2) I checked but i don't see how that is possible. It is a very basic control showing current listitem.
3) That is what the Global background (overlay image is for). But you have picked a fanart image in that screenshot.
4) Custom widgets are set with the context menu. For more info: Settings -> Help -> widgets
5) Yes pressing back in video information (during video) leaves fullscreen video. But i am seeing the same behavior in Confluence. I will look into it. This problem does not exist for touch screens because there is a big transparent close button overlay on screen.
6) No you can not change the focus color in the top bar. This won't change.
7) On the tv show home, I have no picture! I suspect database problem. But first check if you have banners in: Info screen -> Art -> Banner
8) Titles of episodes tvshows are duplicated, but not in Confluence. Maybe this is cached for skins you already had?
9) Check in my movies folder and it is not found! Database.. I don't see how it is possible for me to do this in the skin.
10) I made some changes to how the trailer runs. And added a button to switch to fullscreen.
11) Scan with artwork and rescans with scraper. nothing changes.
Have you tried cleaning your library?

What version of XBMC are you running? Have you been running betas? Using NFS or Samba?

I run this on the following specs with only a little lag:
Cortex-A9 @ 1000 Mhz
AMLogic 8726-M3 1GB

Blue/grey stripe, hopefully fixed. If not plz show me.

Version bumped to v0.2.2
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
I'm on gotham 13.1 beta 2, I'll clean tomorrow databas and redownload Metroid can be download was degraded! For widgets I will make another try. Tomorrow I will tell you if it has changed!

Not samba, only UPnP, FTP and seedbox! (local disk for all the videos)

thx for reply
(2014-05-26, 23:21)MassIV Wrote: @Offler
Blue/grey stripe, hopefully fixed. If not plz show me.

Version bumped to v0.2.2


Also I noticed that when movie has only "poster" but not the second image it will occasionally display random or last used image. This happens in my case to movie "White disease".
Second image? What viewtype?

This one? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028632/
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
I usually use PosterFix view, but I noticed it on more than one. Have to re-check.

Yes that one = "Skeleton on horseback".

"Bílá nemoc" can by simpy translated to english as "White disease" or "White sickness", but "Skeleton on horseback" is mentioned in ending monologue of one character.
Yes, this is intended behavior. If there is no fanart, then the background slideshow takes over.
You can check, if you wait long enough the image will change.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Update soon? Wink
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