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(2016-06-25 07:07)scarecrow420 Wrote:  
(2016-06-25 04:36)Snazzy Wrote:  
(2015-12-15 14:19)scarecrow420 Wrote:  have you tried using an alternative WOL tool just to figure out if the problem is that the WOL sent by Kodi does not seem to work, or that your box somehow isnt being woken by WOL even from another WOL tool?

Hi sorry for the late reply--something up with my notifications.

I have tested it.

http://wol.aquilatech.com/ for example wakes it right up.

edit: just a stab in the dark, but I see I have the addon set to the use the computer's name (can't use ip it's dynamic in my set up). But how about mac address? That wol utility uses that.

It's been a while since implementing this but from memory ServerWMC will send it's MAC address to the Kodi client when it connects, then that is the MAC address the client uses for a future WOL request. The ServerWMC log should have some stuff about the MAC address it is using, if you have more than one network interface on the server it could be possible ServerWMC is using the wrong one (in which case you can make config file changes to ServerWMC to nominate the MAC address that should be used).

If all that seems to be in order then I guess we should see a Kodi debug log when the WOL is being sent, just to see if any additional info is there. We aren't actually doing the WOL request ourself, we are just telling Kodi to do it, and I'd assume Kodi's WOL functionality would be standard/universal. There is some info here: Wake_on_lan (wiki)

Actually, reading that page makes me wonder if that Kodi setting has to be enabled, in order for Kodi to send the WOL when we request it...

I am also running into WOL issue with PVR.WMC client, and I did quite some debugging to find out why. I think there are at least two separate problems, one is in PVR.WMC client and another in the kodi itself as kodi sends the WOL packet.

Here is the behavior:

1. I have a HTPC (dell laptop) that runs WMC and ServerWMC (the latest stable version). The laptop is WOL enabled in bios and enabled in windows 7 NIC configuration. It can be reliably woken up by my tomatoUSB router or any other WOL clients on my laptop.

2. However, kodi on my laptop with the latest PVR.WMC client fails to wake up the htpc.

Turned on the kodi debug log, it shows that the kodi is sending the WOL packet to a wrong MAC address. The MAC address is that of another HTPC I used. Apaprently changing the HTPC IP address/DNS name in pvr.wmc client config does not change the underlying MAC address. I noticed the pvr.wmc has a file called ServerMacAddress.txt. It contained the old MAC address.

However, fixing this does not solve the WOL woe. Now I can see kodi's debug sends out the WOL to the correct MAC. But the htpc still does not wake up.
I wonder if kodi is really sending the packet correctly.

To add some confusion to this:

1. My laptop (Kodi) can wake up the 2nd HTPC successful via PVR.WMC, just not this dell HTPC. So kodi wol is not entirely broken.
2. My another kodi (on an androidbox) also fails to wake up the dell HTPC via PVR.WMC. This indicates the problem is not limited to my laptop.

I have started to capture network traffic with wireshark to find out what is actually being sent. No answers yet as I couldn't find the packet. Maybe I am not searching the data correctly.

Has any one run into a problem like this?
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This would probably have been better off as a new thread rather than a feature request.

I have not heard of a problem like this from users. Since WOL has been there for quite a while, has been tested, and is fairly simple, my guess is its a problem with your setup rather than kodi/pvr.wmc doing something wrong. Are you sure its not a problem with BIOS or security software? Having said that, I am frequently wrong, so if you find an error let us know.

Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
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