Issues with Logitech Harmony
Hi all

Last item on my XBMC to do list: getting my Harmony 700 to work with XBMC. I tried a few tutorials (such as this one) and alas nothing.

Here is what I use:
  • Harmony 700 Remote
  • Raspberry PI B
  • Nwazet IR Receiver (link)
  • Xbian (latest)

Now the IR receiver is supposed to work with the unit as it's listed on their page & comments, but not getting anything through.. In peripherals the IR receiver is listed as "CEC Adapter / Product ID 1001 / Vendor 2708 / Class cec / Version LibCEC 2.1.3 - firmware v1" so XMBC sees it - now how to get both devices talking?

My Harmony is set up as a Windows Media Center. Let me know if you need any details.

Please advise - thanks!
I am pretty sure the device you are referring to (2708:1001) is the inbuilt Pi HDMI-CEC adaptoer, not your IR adapter.

Have you looked here ?

Oops openelec site seems to be down, no doubt it will come back up.
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Thanks - this helps a lot - as you can tell I'm a noob on this stuff Smile

My new issue now that I have a better understanding of that I have to play with is getting this to work with XBian Vs OpenElec or Raspbmc (Raspbmc has severe issues on my unit, hence the move, problems gone).

The link works again but not willing to work with XBian
We've written a page on using the IR receiver with a Harmony remote:
Unfortunately, Xbian is about the only XBMC distribution for the Pi that doesn't support a Media Center remote out of the box. It can still be configured for it, but it's not as easy as it is with RaspBMC or Openelec. Please let me know if you need any more information.

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Issues with Logitech Harmony0
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