Playlist with Youtube strm files
Hi, wasn't sure where the best place to post this was; question isn't about any specific music add-on per se, but rather about basic functionality of music capability.

I have a folder full of .strm and corresponding .nfo files that point to youtube videos. The .nfo files identify the videos as music videos. I am attempting to make a music "smart" playlist of them and play them in party mode (criteria based on just the path where the files reside). XBMC will not play the playlist. Nothing happens when I tell it to play the list (with or without party mode). When I select the list, however, it correctly displays the list of videos complete with thumbnails, etc. and the videos play if I select them individually.

Smart playlists work correctly for me with folders of local mp3 files.

I am using XBMCbuntu Frodo.
Ok, I discovered that I could get the videos to play if I go under the "Videos" menu instead of the "Music" menu, and select "Play" from the context menu of the "Music Videos" item. From there, I can go into "Now Playing" and set it to shuffle. A little convoluted but gets me what I want to achieve (sort of, anyway, as I will explain below).

The "Music Videos" item seems nonfunctional when accessed through the "Music" menu, but seems to work when accessed through the "Videos" menu. (I'm using the Transparency skin, BTW).

Ultimately I wanted to have a playlist that would interleave videos from strm files with locally stored mp3's played randomly. So far, this doesn't seem possible, but I can live with that.

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Playlist with Youtube strm files0
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