*READ FIRST* How to post a proper ServerWMC / pvr.wmc support request

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When requesting support for ServerWMC and/or pvr.wmc, it is very important to include the ServerWMC.log file with your request. Please perform the following steps to provide us with this information:

* Duplicate the problem you are experiencing
* Open the ServerWMC.log file by clicking on the 'Debug' tab in the ServerWMC interface.
* Copy the contents of the ServerWMC.log file in it's entirety to pastebin - Just to be clear, please, please, please do not ever post a partial log for any reason ever!!!
* Copy the URL provided by pastebin to your log and paste it to your support request.

In some cases, you may also be requested to provide an XBMC log as well. If requested, please perform the following steps:
* Open XBMC and duplicate the problem you are experiencing.
* Open the xbmc.log file in a text editor.
* Copy the contents of the xbmc.log file in it's entirety to pastebin
* Copy the URL provided by pastebin to your log and paste it to your support request.

Providing these logs will provide the developers with valuable troubleshooting information required to diagnose almost any issue that may arise. It will also expedite your support request preventing the delay in the devs having to ask you for it and waiting for a response.

Pasting logs directly to the XBMC Forum is strictly prohibited and will result in your post being deleted!!!!

Devs - This thread is locked. Please PM me if you require any changes to the above information. Thanks!

*If I helped, please "Thank" me below*

The XBMC team, plug-in devs, skinners, etc. do this for us for FREE in their spare time because they want to. Think about that for a second before you start bitching...
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