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Feature Request - Fleex like service for subtitle

I'm using Xbmc on my Raspberry pi since a while now and i just discovered a very useful project : Fleex.

This service let you watch a video with one or two enbedded subtitle.

For example :

My native language is french, so for now every subtitle file are French.
All video i'm watching are VO ( english )

With fleex i can do this :

x % French subtitle
100-x % English subtitle

I can decrease x until 0 where i get 100% English subtitle

When I get to watch a full video in original subtitled version, I can reduce the number of subtitle, for in the end, have only video VO

Do you think it's possible to create a Add-on for this ?

I can of course merge two subtitles, but Fleex add a very cool option:

- See the dialogue in French and English when we pause


How do this install on a Raspberry Pi?
@misa : Nothing exist yet for Xbmc..

I just ask if is it possible to develop something similar with a add-on

I know this thread is old, but I just finished a python script ( Using subliminal ) who can merge two subtitles ( native & target ) .
This script scores every sentence and creates a mapping for each level where the lowest score can be in target language and the biggest score remains in native language until the level is high enough

See this score board for example :


Now, i'm wondering if i can do something with Kodi to add more information on pause ( Like two subtitles at the same time )
What do you suggest ?

Thanks for your help.
I just thinking about using ".ass" subtitles.

But is this possible to change subtitle source when pausing ?

if there is way to do that i could switch the subtitles sources to show native and target sentence in the same time when the video is paused.
And show only native or target sentence otherwise.

Fleex like service for subtitle00