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xbmc org addons nothing in it
Title says it all. I get a timeout when connecting to the page and says it's down there, too...
Has this been fixed.....what is going on? I got all excited hearing about XBMC only to come home and all servers down? I thought that was the point of mirrors - redundancy?? Any idea when it will be up?
Every link for downloading is down for me. I cant get XBMC, is there something wrong with the site?
I just rebuilt my pc's and have done fresh installs of xbmc today. Now that things are back up, for the last few hours I have been trying to configure the various plugins but nothing shows up to install.

I have tried multiple fresh installs and multiple computers but to no avail. I have blown away the addons db and have attempted numerous "force updates" but nothing works.

Any thoughts?
i would assume there is some kind of problem on their end as i have also just dont a fresh install on a new pc and am unable to download any addons either through xbmc or through the new addon site.
I think there something wrong with the servers I can't redownload it either and when i did have it up and running i couldn't download any add-ons from repo. tried different computers and different networks still nothing.

Hopefully it will be back up soon, i can't even install xbmc backup and do a restore so I'm pretty much stuck too.
I'm seeing similar behavior. The following links have been unresponsive for the last 6 hours or more today: is reachable and replies to pings.

64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=50 time=132 ms

traceroute (last hop):
16 141 ms 137 ms 132 ms []
yup same, i feel stupid for completely uninstalling xbmc cause now i got nothing Sad
#9 is down and none of the download links work.
Agreed haven't been able to connect and install fresh copy for hours now..
I have to agree. I have been trying to get addons, but without success. hopefully this will be addressed soon...
Here is one of the mirrors direct link if your in a hurry
same here, but i didnt do any fresh install altho i was about to.. ^^ i came first to see if there is a repo with official xbmc addons to reinstall it and instead i saw this post ^^ thanks to that i will wait without doing everyting again Smile
No, not fixed. Still down. Was able to find a mirror manually, but it looks like the add-ons use as well, since they do not appear to be working either. Hopefully someone on the team sees this and we're back up shortly.
Yea, I ran into this last night and was very confused. The repos are online but it seems like the master site ( is down completely now. It was kinda working a little last night but not really. I managed to grab this address to download some of the addons i needed.
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