Xbmc mirrors down
I wanted to make a fresh install of XBMC and after I remove XBMC from my PC I downloaded Frodo 12.2 again and did the normal installation

All went fine but when I want to activate the add-ons I usually use I can't get them to work...
I click install and the displays says "Downloading 0%" but then change to "Activated" and when I enter the add-on I can't go to configuration. This happens with all the addons in the official rep (I tried Filmaffinity scrapper and Aeon MQ5 and NOX skins).

Windows 7 64bits with a fresh Frodo 12.2 installation.
I hope I did well with the log pastebin:


Thanks in advance!
I have been having similar issues downloading new skins. I have not tried download Add-on but tried downloading new skins and it took forever for it to show "Downloading 0%". Then it showed activated. After that, typically it asks if I want to activate the newly downloaded skin but it did not. When I manually tried selecting the new skin, it said there are missing files. If you restart XBMC, newly downloaded/listed skin is gone. I am also on Windows 7 64bit. I am using latest monthly build.

I don't have access to it right now but later, if needed, I can provide logs.
mirrors.xbmc.org is timing out currently. Confirmed with http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/mirrors.xbmc.org.

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Does anybody know if http://mirrors.xbmc.org/ is down this morning?

It has been like this since yesterday. The threads referring about it have also been deleted...
Yes it is

No they haven't

A very quick search would show at least 2 or three threads covering this already
it was up again this afternoon (GMT+1) but broke again for unknown reasons. We're working on it.
OK. Thanks.

Is the forum the best way to check the status of http://mirrors.xbmc.org/ ?
Or is there another place to check?

Forums is the best option for the moment - I would say its likely that this won't be resolved for at least another 12 hours at the earliest, potentially 24hours if being realistic.
(2013-12-09, 18:20)jamonz1 Wrote: It has been like this since yesterday. The threads referring about it have also been deleted...

(2013-12-09, 18:33)prae5 Wrote: No they haven't

It does look like it was deleted. I posted in a thread in this section of the forum (Website Issues) yesterday when it first went down, and there was no mention of it elsewhere on the site. The thread is gone, and that post is no longer in my posting history. Someone hit the wrong button, I assume.

In any case, glad you're aware of it and thanks for working on the fix.
A number of threads have been merged - it is possible it got deleted in the process, it certainly wasn't intentional.
Is this issue also causing Program Add-Ons to not download from within the application?
Well, there is 2 hours I won't be getting back lol.

Thanks for letting me know Smile
For the time being, here is a direct list of our mirrors for downloads: Mirror list (wiki).

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