Android -  What about XBMC running on MK 902? (RIKOMAGIC MK902)
What about XBMC running on MK 902? Huh

CPU: Rockchip 3188 Quad Core (28mn)
GPU: 2D/3D GPU,Quad Core Mali 400 (Open GL ES2.0/1.1, Open VG1.1, Flash 11.1)

Will the MK902 manage to play all the movies (including HD 1080p) and live streaming with any problem and without stacking or freezing frames?

I searched in the internet about the best XBMC hardware and everywhere is mentioned that OUYA is the Best hardware because of the CPU Tegra 3 and GPU Nvidia GeForce ULP @ 520 MHz (12.48 GFLOPS).

Well, How the MK902 will manage XBMC. Have anybody tested it? Is there any comparison referring to XBMC and MK902?

As I have seen the only difference in the Specs between the MK802IIIS and MK902 is the CPU. Will the new Quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU (28 nm) manage to have the best desirable results and pleasure of XBMC?
The reason of mentioning that is because I currently have MK802IIIS (Updated to Android 4.2.2) and I can NOT play even a 720p movie through XBMC. It stacks and even sometimes it freezing the frames.

Can any body comment and inform us please.

Thank You,
I got mine couple weeks ago

Tested with a stock build from main downloads section.

Performance was total crap

Yes the hardware is adequate

The software is still immature

Better bet would be ouya with sbmc
@ OldFart... How is the Rikomagic MK902 working out?

I see the MK902 is not a HDMI stick, but more like an Android Roku...??

Which of these Streaming Android Sticks are best?? The Rikomagic MK802 vs MK802ii vs MK802iii vs MK802iv ?

I honestly cant' tell which one is the newest. Some sites say 2nd Generation. Some have different model numbers...
Are there knockoffs of these or something?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
I received the MK902 yesterday. It has a very good performance. But it has also some issues when it plays (streaming) 1080p with XBMC.
I don't know why it stack. I beleive that may be is the connection or the servers are slow.
OR may be some setring needs to be config
I still didn't understand why it ca not normaly play HD 1080p.

But in general is OK. Overall it has good performance and potentiality.

" RKM ( Rikomagic ) MK902 Quad Core Android 4.2 Mini PC Google TV Player w / 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM" I bought a new product .

I bought this appliance only for XBMC .

However , with XBMC , I 'm having 2 problems :

1 - Settings> system > video output> display mode option , only "window" option is available. " Full Screen" option does not exist.

2 - Settings> system > audio output> audio output: "Optical Audio " option does not work . Crackling sound coming instead .
"Settings > system> audio output " I looked , the
" Passthrough output device : Error - no devices found" the way it looks too .
only ,
Settings> system > audio output> audio output: analog when I do , the sound is coming.
Of course, without the 5.1 channels .

So in summary ;
With optical audio options , DTS, AC3, Dolby Digital sound can not get .

I was disappointed . Hopefully in the future masters of Xbmc corrects this problem .

Besides, the device video playback performance is very good.

If you corrected the problems I mentioned , I would recommend the device .

Have a nice day...
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