How to play a DVD and Blu-ray?
How do I play a DVD or Blu-ray that I ripped and copied to my NAS? I am hoping to navigate and play them the same way as playing the physical disks in a stand-alone played.
If you ripped them then they were converted to a file such as mp4, mkv, avi etc. You just add them into your library just like any other file.

If you copied the DVD to your NAS, then you could add the directory where they were copied and cbmc should find it. That worked for me.

But I opted for ripping intstead. A whole lot more simple.
Are you saying I can rip them to MKVs and then navigate the menus, watch the bonus material, etc? I know I can rip them to movie only MKVs (I've done this for most of my DVDs - but some I want to be able to view the bonus materials or select different subtitles). I've tried ripping them to folders and copying them to the NAS. DVDs sort of work this way but blu-rays just give me a list of titles (most of which are incorrect) plus sometime like "Play blu-ray menus" (which doesn't really play the menu and allow navigation). I'll try ripping to an iso next.
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