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I have added my itunes music folder as my music source and everything is working perfectly. All of the artist and albums have scraped properly... I have used both audiodb scraper and universal scraper.

The only problem is one artist. The band "City and Colour" is being scraped as the German band City. I have tried changing the band name (which just doesn't find anything), tried changing scrapers and refreshing. Tried removing the artist altogether updating refreshing re-adding refreshing updating. I've really tried everything I can think of. It seems like it's remembering the words City and Colour as the band City.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Maybe the location that it saves the artist info. There are no .nfo's in the artist folder...

Thanks for your help!
Shameless Bump!

I wrote this post like a year ago... I thought maybe with all the progress that's been made with scraping artists and albums that someone might have an idea of what I can do about this...

I just did a totally fresh install of Kodi. And I've tried the universal scraper and the audiodb scraper and kodi still thinks my City and Colour is a group of old german men rather than a sensitive canadian boy with the voice of girl.

Any tips would be appreciated!
A couple of things:

This is with the assumption you have your media setup as:

1) Do you have an artist.nfo sitting in your City and Colour artist folder? If so delete it. Now refresh the artist, what happened?
2) I don't know if you want to, but you can tag your files with MusicBrainz data and the scraper will pull the correct data based on the MBID.
3) Upload a track to somewhere so we can have a look at the tags.
The problem I suppose is in universal artist scraper here:

<RegExp input="$$1" output="\1" dest="6">
   <expression noclean="1">(.+)(?:Ft%2e|Feat%2e|%20Ft\.|%20Feat\.|%20and%20)</expression>

It treats " and " as a separator, not part of a name. Hence, when it searches for the artist it is using this search:

DEBUG: CScraperUrl::Get: Using "UTF-8" charset for XML "http://search.musicbrainz.org/ws/2/artist/?fmt=xml&query=artist:"City"&limit=100"

So it finds the first returned result for "City" which is your German band:

DEBUG: scraper: GetArtistSearchResults returned <results sorted="yes">
<url cache="mb-bb1ee9fe-c5b9-46da-94ab-ea6bec84b7aa-artist.xml">http://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/artist/bb1ee9fe-c5b9-46da-94ab-ea6bec84b7aa?inc=url-rels</url>

not what you want. The fix is to use the musicbrainz albumartist ID tag, using the correct MBID
for City and Colour (for example, in Picard):


This now results in:

DEBUG: scraper: ResolveIDToUrl returned <url>http://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/artist/b1003bf1-25b8-41f4-a783-36060f987913?inc=url-rels</url>
DEBUG: -- nfo-scraper: Universal Artist Scraper
DEBUG: -- nfo url: http://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/artist/b1003bf1-25b8-41f4-a783-36060f987913?inc=url-rels

Which gets you what you want.

DEBUG: scraper: GetArtistDetails returned
<name>City and Colour</name>

scott s.
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Thanks for the help!!! I sort of used both of your advice... I tried using Picard to tag the artist. I removed the artist from the folder cleaned the library. added them to the folder updated the library rescraped all that good stuff but it didn't work... I'm guessing because I didn't use Picard properly. It seemed as if it tagged the files properly but didn't make a difference in Kodi. So what I did was to create an .nfo file named "City and Colour.nfo" containing only the musicbrainz artist id readded he artist to kodi and voila!

Thanks for the idea to use the musicbrainz id... I didn't know that kodi had this ability.

It was killing me to look at my library and see something out of place!

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