[REQUEST] CommonSenseMedia.org Add-On
Hi Guys,

I would really love an add-on for CommonSenseMedia.org (CSM).... CSM is a web site that provides evaluations on movies about its content and how age suitable the movie is... for example if one searches:

Django Unchained
"Parents need to know that Django Unchained comes from writer/director Quentin Tarantino, and if you've seen any of his other films, you know what that means: incredibly strong, shocking "grindhouse" violence and language. Django Unchained (which takes place in Deep South in the mid-1800s) not only features guns, shooting, killing, and spurting blood, but also horrible violence against slaves. Male slaves are forced to fight each other, breaking bones and bashing each other into a bloody pulp. A female slave is briefly tortured, and a male slave is ripped apart by dogs. The "N" word is used countless times, as are other Tarantino favorites ("f--k," etc.). There's some partial nudity (both male and female) and kissing, as well as some cigarette smoking and background drinking. The good news is that this movie takes a matter-of-fact look at slavery, which may get discussions going among older teens and families. But otherwise, this movie is very brutal and not recommended for the under-18 set."

OK I picked a pretty extreme example... but in my home, with an 8 year old, sometimes you do not know if a specific PG or PG-13 movie is suitable for my kid to watch. Having access to CSM.org report while browsing my movie collection would be a terrific tool. This report does not need to be saved in the database, it can be searched and displayed on demand... Like within the Context Menu when browsing the movie library.

CSM does have an API...


I have no programming experience... so I am hoping this is something a real programmer can whip up. I can help creating any graphics associated with the add-on.

Please chime in.... and someone please consider developing this. It would be very valuable in homes with kids in them.

Many thanks,


PS. They are a non-profit organization and I would assume they would greatly appreciate being involved with the XBMC community.
Nobody has a comment...?
Great idea, I've got some development experience (although I haven't developed an xbmc addon before). I've contacted the organisaton and requested an access key for the API. Just to to check, did you find anyone else doing this work already (I'd hate to be reinventing the wheel ?).
Yes that would sure be a useful addon especially if properly integrated with Information Page screen:


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