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Media Flags
I just wondered if anyone using the Aeon MQ5 skin has come across the following problem? (It may not even be the skin for all I know)

Nearly all my media flags are missing except for a handful of movies. I have all the relevant things checked, including the all important one in the video section for extracting video information. I see this has been discussed briefly but no one has solved the issue if it is one, and there situation is slightly different to mine.

I found also that the flags are not resolved until you play the media file. No amount of refreshing of the library solves the issue. I would be quite happy to refresh all my movies this way if I didn't have so many. Big Grin

I have all of my artwork and metadata stored locally. I use Media Centre Master to grab most of the stuff and also use Artwork downloader and cdart manager. I won't pretent to know how the flags work but it seems to me that all the information is there. MCM and the MOVIE.XML file are showing all the detail of each video file, eg MP3,AC3,MKV etc.

I'm tempted to delete the XBMC database and rescan but I've got things almost perfect and I don't want to rock the boat. So I'd just like to know if anyone has experienced this at all before I do anything drastic.

If it's not a issue with the skin then I apologize for cluttering up your section of the forum with my essay Blush

I run Frodo 12.2 and Win 7

Thank You
Sorry to bring up an old post but i have the same problem. im running Gotham

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