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I'm still at the point of putting a Pi2 in a mini ITX case. I've already got a 7 port powered USB hub mounted inside the case, with 5 ports exposed out of the back, and two inside. I've extended the power cable for the hub out of the back of the case with another socket.

Bought a HDMI panel mount and ethernet panel mount to run those through the back of the case.

I've also got a USB to SATA adapter to allow me to run a DVD drive inside the case.

I've also got a microSD to SD adapter with a longish extension, so in principle I could run this through the back panel and use a bigger SD card. Still trying to decide about this!

So far I'm a bit stuck with the Pi power. I could run a micro USB extender through the back, but I can't find a panel mount one. Ideally I'd have liked to use the power button on the front of the case (similar case to the first post) but this only provides power when the button is held. Fine for a motherboard but not for the Pi. Maybe more circuitry is needed?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'll post some pictures once I get a bit further down the line.


I have one, sell whatever you got and buy this instead
No internal DVD. Tidy though, but I'd rather make my own based on Pi.
HP sell a DVD module that attaches nicely

just think your going through alot of effort to build a system that would be a facotr or 3 below the system that is on offer today, one that will last you alot longer before the need to upgrade than the RPi2. Also the time and money your spending on building this machine would equote to a higher cost than the brilliant deal on the HP. If you really want a project get the HP and do something like this that noggin is doing to add to the experience
Thanks for your suggestions, but I am happy with what I am doing. If anyone has any suggestions to help me either power the pi or get the front power switch working, that would be great.

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