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dialogsubmenu.xml to launch webradio stream
not sure if this can be done or not, but i would like to make a button on the dialogsubmenu.xml that will directly launch a specific webradio channel from the shoutcast top 500 such as groove salad.

i tried this just to see if it would work, but no luck. but that is the correct link to the stream. any ideas?

oh, and does it matter what is wrote under <description>? i've noticed some say submenu, profiles, and scripts.. but does it have any effect on what's under <execute>?

Quote: <control>
<description>submenu button</description> <visible>yes</visible>
<type>button</type> <execute></execute>
<id>1113</id> <label>groove salad</label>

thanks for any help

edit: i should have messed around with it a little longer before posting because i just figured it out. just had to change http to shout. works awesome!


dialogsubmenu.xml to launch webradio stream00