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Hello all,

Currently running OpenELEC on RasberyPI's. I use the Amber theme because it is the only theme I like that works great on the PI, but ran into a problem last night.

My setup in the living room is.

Pi hooked upto the TV.
2Bay-NAS - One HDD for my and the misses rips and one HDD for the kids dvd rips.

Now obviously setting up XBMC for movies was easy, add the source, name it, then choose movies from the type. You now click on the main menu 'Movies' and there they all are (Awesome)

BUT... I wanted to do the same with the kids movies.

So my menu would be something like


But when I add the 2nd HDD with the kids movies to the video source it just adds them to the video list (No next menu to choose the scraper / type)

I have done some googling and found out how to do it in other themes (Like creating them as playlist and adding them to the menu in the settings menu) but unable to find a way to do this with Amber.

Any ideas? Cheers Smile

*EDIT* Would just like to add thankyou for this theme, not only does it look fantastic, but runs fantastic on the Pi, well done to you sir.
Add tt the kids movie to a smart playlist (find playlists from the tv or movie side bar list) then make it a favourite and then add it to the menu list and call it w what you want.
For more detailed info look for smart playlists.create ffavourites and the adding to the menu list in Amber

Can't have recently added or anything like that on these added menus but hey can't have everything
Cheers for the reply.

I've created the smart playlist and also added it as a favourite, but now how to I go about adding it to the menu list?

It's in the setting somewhere. Home shelf layout or something like that?

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