living room setup
Showing my new setup Smile

About half a year ago, we bought our first house. As the hight of the new TV cabinet is very limited, I needed to rethink my HT setup.

My Omaura TF8 HTPC (Intel E8200 + GeForce 9400 GT) made room for a Zotac ZBOX nano AQ01 (AMD Kabini + SSD).
I sold my Onkyo tx-sr508 and bought a slim line Marantz NR1403.
Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 speakers
LG 37LS5600 TV (A bit small but it was actually bought to fit in the fireplace of our previous home. Had a nice look.)
Logitech Harmony 650 remote. You can see the infrared repeater just below the LG logo of the TV screen.
Telenet Digicorder DVB-C
Linksys WRT610N router + wireless
Content storage is set up in another room made with an old PC case, a cheap AMD cpu/mobo and 3x 1.5TB drives.
Inside the cabinet there are two 120mm casefans connected to the USB port of the TV to provide some airflow when everything is running.



nice clean set-up,(love it)
perhaps not the best set-up for your audio when watching a movie.
but for stereo (audio) it will do perfect
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
Yeah that's the only downside at the moment.
The sweet spot for listening to music is the long part of the couch Smile
nice clean setup. one question - how do you remote control your devices? do you have some kind of hub which allows you to control home theater devices behind closed cabinet doors? As there is not any device visible - only the TV. or do you manage it via CEC?

anyhow - I like the clean setup and I plan to have it similar in my living room.
rebuilding ....
Yeah, I have an infrared repeater. You can see the dongle just below the LG logo of the TV and the repeater cables on the devices.
I bought it cheap on ebay as the in store products (Marmitek,...) were really expensive. I expected cheap Chinese built quality but it's actually really good.
wow! this is nice and clean. didn't even recognize them when first looking at the images. now I clearly see it. nice! will have have a look at such solution too. thanks.
rebuilding ....

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